Here is the full list of PUBG Mobile SMG skins that you may wish. SMG is a widely preferred weapon category in this shooting game because most of the SMGs are stable and powerful. Therefore, a lot of PUBG Mobile players wish to own these stunning gun skins to equip their favorite SMGs. Check them out below with

Available PUBG Mobile SMG Skins 2020

There are five available SMG skins for the four most popular submachine guns in PUBG Mobile, including Vector, UMP, Micro UZI, and Thompson gun. Check out their looks as well as a brief guide on how to obtain them below.

Gauntlet Thompson Gun

This is a simple but stunning gun skin for Thompson gun. It's available to obtain in a limited time from the Royale Pass level reward. It has many light colors, such as red, yellow, silver color, and black. It will make your Tommy gun look more amazing and fancy.

Gauntlet is a simple but stunning gun skin for Thompson gun.

It's a normal gun skin that you cannot upgrade it to get further effects. However, its appearance is cool enough and worth investing in. So, you need to hurry or it can be unavailable to receive after November 15th, 2020.

Gauntlet From Rp
You can obtain this gun skin when you spend 600 UC to purchase the Elite Pass or 1800 UC to buy the Elite Pass Plus.

After the latest upgrade, Thompson or Tommy gun has got more attention from PUBG Mobile players. This SMG is more preferred after the game developers add a scope attachment slot to this gun and let you use a holographic sight or red dot to aim and fire.

Blood Tooth Vector

This cool and impressive gun skin is also available to receive in a limited time. It will go expired after November 25th.

Blood Tooth Level 1
The Appearance Of Blood Tooth Skin For Vector At Level 1

This gun skin has a very cool appearance with an all-black foundation and some red lines that looks like blood. In addition, there is also a batwing pattern in the grip position. This gun skin was introduced in the time-limited Blood Tooth Crate.

Moreover, this is an upgradable gun skin that you can use materials and paints to upgrade the skin to the max level. To upgrade Blood Tooth skin, you need to go to the weapon workshop. Make sure that you have enough paints and materials to upgrade it.

Blood Tooth Max Version
The Appearance Of The Blood Tooth Skin At The Max Level.

There are five levels of this gun skin, from the basic appearance to the advanced and final form with better appearances. Moreover, it also has an impressive kill effect and a cool kill message effect.

Blood Tooth Final Form
You can upgrade this skin to get further effects, such as kill effect, kill message, advanced form, and final form.

Tea Party - UZI

Micro UZI is the most favorite SMG in PUBG Mobile due to its stability, popularity, and great power. Therefore, the game developers have introduced many stunning weapon skins for this gun. Tea Party is the latest UZI skin in this game.

Tea Party
The stunning and fancy Tea Party skin for Micro UZI in PUBG Mobile.

It's also available to get from the Nether Supplies Crate in a limited time. If you love this fancy and colorful skin and want to equip it for your UZI, spend UC to open the crate. With some luck, you can obtain this skin permanently.

Nether Supply Crate
You have to spend 20 UC to purchase a Nether Supply Crate and open to get this skin by chance.

Crashing Wave - UMP45

UMP45 is a legendary SMG that has been changed a bit in some previous updates. It's also a widely loved SMG of many players, especially newbies. Crashing Wave is one of two skins for this gun that are available to obtain these days.

Crashing Wave
The Simple Appearance Of Crashing Wave Skin For UMP45.

Moreover, it's also the only skin that you can always obtain from the Redeem Shop. It costs players 78 to 672 silver coins, based on the expiry date of the skin. For example, you can use it for 7 days if you pay 78 silver fragments or 336 coins for 30 days.

Ump Skin From Redeem Shop
If you pay 672 silver coins or 4,800 AG coins, you can own this skin permanently.

If you don't have enough silver coins, you can pay by AG coins instead. The price of the permanent Crashing Wave UMP45 skin is 4,800 AG coins. You can also check out the price of time-limited skin in the Redeem Shop before confirming the payment.

Wolfheart - UMP45

The other SMG skin for UMP45 is called Wolfheart that sounds cool and fantastic. The time to obtain this gun's skin is also limited. Now you can use UC or some classic crate coupons to spin and get it by chance.

Wolfheart is a nice UMP45 skin.

This epic skin only available till the end of PUBG Mobile season 15. After this season, it may be removed from this crate.

Skin From Classic Crate
PUBG Mobile players can obtain this skin from the classic crate.

How To Get SMG Skins In PUBG Mobile?

As mentioned, you can obtain these SMG skin from different shops and crates. To check out the list of SMG skins in PUBG Mobile, you need to go to the Shop and click on the Weapon store. Then, tap on the icon of the SMG category.

Check out the list of SMG skins here.

If you want to know where you can obtain your favorite skin, look at the bottom right corner of that box. Tap on it to go to the crate or shop where that skin is available to obtain. There are many events and crates that give you these fantastic SMG skins:

  • Royale Pass: Some SMG skins are given as the RP rewards from Free Pass or Elite Pass. Gauntlet Thompson is an example.
  • Classic Crate: There are so many stunning weapon skins that you can get from this crate, including skins for ARs, SRs, SMGs, pistols, and more.
  • Time-Limited Event: PUBG Mobile also introduce many new SMG skins in some time-limited events, such as Halloween celebration or Christmas festival.
Blood Tooth Crate
You can obtain some SMG skins from time-limited events or crates.

Those are some PUBG Mobile SMG skins you can get now. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guide for gamers, let's visit our website.