PUBG Mobile has just posted a new mysterious tweet on their Twitter, which shows a girl with bangs in pink hair with big sunglasses. The reflection on the glasses shows Erangel 2.0. PUBG Mobile asked players to guess what will be coming in the caption of the Tweet.

Since the picture is an up-close shot that only shows a part of the girl's face, it really hard to tell who this person is exactly. However, many fans have made the speculation that this could be the rapper, Lisa, from BlackPink.

This is not the first time PUBG Mobile collaborates with a singer so it is no surprise that we will see Lisa in upcoming updates. Last year, in March, PUBG Mobile had a collaboration with DJ Norwegian and Alan Walker. The song On My Way was featured in PUBG Mobile even before it was released worldwide. We also saw Alan Walker performing in the PMCO Spring Split Global Finals in 2019.

PUBG Mobile collaborated with Allan Walker last year for the first anniversary

PUBG Mobile also featured Blackpink’s song, Play With Fire, previously on many locations on the maps of the game. Lisa also has partnered with Brawl Star, a mobile game of Supercell.

About Blackpink's Lisa

Lisa was born in 1997 in Thailand. She had a great interest in K-Pop ever since she was young so she decided to pursue that dream. She started out her career as a model for fashion brands in Korea in 2015. In 2016, Lisa and 3 other members formed Blackpink and quickly topped the chart with songs like Boombayah and Whistle.

The lastest single of Blackpink is How You Like That, which got more than 500 million views on Youtube so far.

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