A new Battle Royale videogame, in collaboration with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and developed by nCore Games, is slated to fill the gap where PUBG Mobile used to fill before it got the banhammer in India. The new FAU-G game is supposed to be the Indian alternative to the Tencent-published game from China and the developers are already having high expectations

From Bengaluru, Vishal Gondal, the co-founder of the new Indian gaming studio nCore, says that the game will be launched by the end of October. "Fearless and United - Guards", abbreviated as FAU-G, won't take no time at all in getting the game out.

“This game was in the works for some months. In fact, the first level of the game is based on Galwan Valley,” Gondal said to news outlet Reuters.

Many of the clashes between India and China have been occurring in the Galwan Valley of the Himalaya mountains, where many soldiers have died. This and another recent clash have been the main reason behind India's mass banning of Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile.

Great Expectations: FAU-G Will Have Up To 20 Crore Users In A Year, Claims nCore Developer Vishal Gondal

After many dedicated chicken dinner chefs were left PUBG-less and the feeling of disappointment still high, a game which sounds like 'soldier' in Hindi and plays off the widely popular PUBG name has gotten quite a bit of attention: FAU-G.

The devs are already promising huge numbers of players joining the game after the game comes out in October this year. Gondal said that he expected 200 million players (20 crores) will be battling it out in this game in a year, even though it has only been in the work for several months and coming out next month.

The game has been making a lot of statements where it will tap into the sense of patriotism, from an abbreviated name that sounds like 'soldier' to the Galwan Valley being a potential map aims to announce 20% of its net revenues will be donated to a state-backed trust that supports the families of soldiers who die on duty, Gondal said.

Great Expectations: FAU-G Will Have Up To 20 Crore Users In A Year, Claims nCore Developer Vishal Gondal

B-town actor, now a Canadian Akshay Kumar comes from a military family and has been assisting the devs with setting up this trust and was even the one who came up with the name 'Fearless and United - Guards. “He (Kumar) came up with the title of the game, FAU-G,” Gondal said.

After TikTok was banned in India back in July, local Indian video apps saw a surge in downloads that even led to Zee Entertainment Enterprises launching the first app. However, most seem to have migrated to Snack Video instead. Can FAU-G really live up to its own claims?

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