Despite having been through nearly 3 years of operation, PUBG Mobile is currently retaining its position among the top most-played games in the world in its genre. Recently, the game has been added with some new anti-cheat systems and features to protect genuine players from cheaters. 

Pubg Mobile Security Update
PUBG Mobile has been added with some new anti-cheat systems and features to protect genuine players from cheaters.

Reporting a cheater can be done by using the report feature of the game or taking the advantage of social media platforms. The proof then will be checked out by the observers, and they will decide on what to do. Any players who are busted won’t be allowed to play for 10 years. 

This zero-tolerance action is updated every week for the fans to keep track of what the developers are doing. PUBG Mobile has recently posted the 10th report of how many players were banned throughout the week.

As one week has just passed by, 1,964,540 accounts were disabled permanently from PUBG Mobile because of cheating. 29th August was when the first report was revealed, and it showed a number of banned accounts up to 2,273,152. The next report revealed 1,838,223 banned accounts, and 1,638,008 during last week. 

Pubg Mobile Hack 1

PUBG Mobile is considered to catch 20% more wrongdoers last week than before. To be more specific: 

1% of Conqueror tier accounts

7% of Ace tier accounts

14% of Crown tier accounts

15% of Diamond tier accounts

16% of Platinum tier account

12% of Gold tier accounts

9% of Silver-tier account

26% of Bronze tier accounts

Pubg Mobile Auto Aim
The new security update seems pretty effective when it comes to detecting wrongdoers on the battlefield.

Auto-aim is used by 25% of the cheaters, which lets them aim and shoot enemies automatically. X-Ray visions are favored by 28% which allows them to see enemies through covers and walls while speed hacks (22%) are often used to outplay enemies with an unfairly faster movement. 

A modification of area damage hack (7%) is not so popular, while its ability is to boost the damage of bullets. In the meantime, the least intererested cheat (only 2%), the modification of the character model, is activated using third-party apps. The remaining 16% were banned without any specific reasons.