More than two years after being launched, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular battle royale games in the world with more and more players joining the bandwagon. While there are a lot of pros who mastered the game, there are also many beginners whose journeys have just started.

If you’re a newbie player who has just entered the world of PUBG, there will be a lot of things to learn if you want to make it big. In fact, there are some common mistakes in PUBG Mobile that even experienced players might forget.


most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile
5 most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile: Camouflaging is the first thing you need to learn when it comes to a battle

Being the first one to be spotted and shot is what newbies will experience in their very first battles. While you put all effort in picking the best gun and ammo, you might have forgotten the most critical thing when it comes to any battle: camouflage. Camouflaging is one of the crucial factors which take you one step closer to the Chicken Dinner.

Apart from trying to stay low to get out of your enemy's sight, select the outfit which matches the map you picked. For example a dark one for Sanhok and Angle of a brown one for Maramar. Meanwhile, a match in Vikendi will be easier if you put in a white outfit.

Seek the safe-zone

most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile
Always look for the blue zone while being on a match

Once jumping off the plane, you will be blown away with the endless looting process. However, a pro would also have a car backed-up on the ground in case he cannot collect enough loot and visit houses in time. In addition to that, do not forget to put an eye on the map as well as the time.

Once you get closer to the blue zone, call your team to get in the car and run. Picking a fight while your health is on low has never been a smart move.

Pick the Marksman

most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile
Most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile: Forgetting the important of the marksman

If you don’t want your team to mess up due to bad communication and misunderstanding, pick the marksman who is in charge of marking locations on the map so the others can follow. Multiple pins can lead to unexpected confusion and being defeated is just a matter of time.

Don’t forget to close the door

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Leaving the door open is one of the most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile new players often make

A good manner turns out to be a crucial point to save your squad from being defeated. Among 100 people landing on the map, it’s impossible that your enemy has landed in the surrounding area where your team is looting. An open door turns out to be a deadly mistake and all the enemy clan needs is just a pro with 6X scope to notice it.

Reload your gun

most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile
Remember to reload your gun after a fight

Another common mistake new PUBG Mobile players often make is forgetting to reload your gun. Keep in mind to reload your gun after a fight as PUBG Mobile will not remind you if you’re running out of ammo. What a silly situation when you’ve spotted your enemy and are all set for a fight but only realize that your gun is out of bullets?

Above are the 5 most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile players might make. Visit for more helpful articles about PUBG Mobile and other games.