How to change PUBG Lite Avatar with a personal photo? After being released last year, PUBG Mobile lite quickly became as popular as the original version of PUBG Mobile. With a smaller size, the app is more compatible with low-end smartphones. While the game has similar features as the previous one, the major difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite is the former only have 60 players in a match instead of 100. In addition to that, the map also has smaller size in comparison to the original version.

Apart from your nickname and character, having a unique PUBG lite avatar also gives your account a cooler look and distinguishes you from other players. However, PUBG Mobile Lite only allows its users to set their avatars with what provided by the app. If you do not know the trick to change PUBG Lite avatar with a customized one, keep scrolling down as this article will introduce you both ways to change PUBG Lite avatar as well as all avatar in PUBG Lite.

pubg lite avatar
PUBG Lite avatar change is available with coolest ones

Change PUBG Lite avatar with provided ones

Just like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite also offers users with profile photos provided by the game. These avatars will be unlocked after you complete missions in-game. To change your PUBG Lite avatar, you only need to do some easy steps as follows:

  • On the homepage of PUBG Mobile Lite tap on the avatar of you on the top right corner then tap on Basic Info and Change Avatar.
pubg lite avatar
How to change your PUBG Lite avatar
  • You will see many options for your PUBG Lite avatar. However, you can only pick one among those which are unlocked. You can unlock these cool avatar by purchasing them on the online shop or complete missions.
pubg lite avatar
PUBG Lite all avatar
  • Save the changes and you will see your new PUBG Lite avatar immediately after you click Save.
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Billionaire avatar PUBG Lite: One of the coolest PUBG Lite avatar

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Change PUBG Lite avatar with your own profile photo

In case you want to change your PUBG Lite avatar with a photo of you or a customized avatar that is unavailable in-game, there is a small trick of importing the photo from your social media profile.

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You can design your own avatar with your nickname to make your profile more impressive

To change your own PUBG lite avatar, make sure that your game account is linked to a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. If you registered your PUBG Lite account by using a social media account, the two are already linked to each other. Otherwise, here is the instruction to link your PUBG Lite account with Facebook and Twitter:

  • Tap on the garget or settings icon on the bottom corner of PUBG Lite homepage.
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You can change your PUBG Lite avatar with your own one by linking your account with Facebook or Twitter
  • In the Linked section, you will see the icon of the social media platform you linked to. If you want to add a new social media account, tap the plus button, and choose the type of account you want to connect your PUBG ID with.
  • Allow PUBG Lite to get access to your social media accounts to finish the process.

In case you cannot see your new PUBG Lite Avatar after linking your account to a social media one, please wait for a while as the process might take up to 24 hours as there will be a delay between the two servers. In case it takes a longer time, please reach out for PUBG support.

If you're using PUBG Mobile instead of PUBG Mobile lite, there isn't much different about changing the avatar. Take a look at the detailed guideline for the original version: A Completed Guide On How To Change Avatar In PUBG Mobile

In case you want to make a cool avatar of your own, there will be a few game avatar makers that offer professional and cool avatars of your favorite character. Check out the complete guideline in the following video:

At the moment, you cannot change PUBG Lite avatar with a personal photo without linking your PUBG account to Facebook or Twitter. In addition to that, your social media avatar and PUBG Lite avatar will also be synchronized.

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