PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game on mobile developed by Tencent. The game originated from the game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds on PC. Into the game, you will be dropped into an abandoned island from a plane to gather items, weapons to fight against 99 other players and become the sole survivor.

Pubg mobile

In order to force players to fight each other instead of hiding the whole match, the game has some concepts such as the White Zone, Blue Zone, and the Red Zone. Today, we are going to look closely into these zones to find out how they work and what you should do with them.

1. PUBG Mobile Zones - White Zone in PUBG Mobile

The White Zone is also known as the Safe Zone in PUBG Mobile. It is a big circle with determined sizes that appear randomly on the map and become smaller after a set period. This circle indicates the safe area that you need to be in when the time runs out. There will be a timer to remind you when should you enter the safe zone. In the White Zone, you can freely do whatever you want such as picking up items, planning your strategy, looking out for other players,... etc.

 Zone In Pubg
The White Zone in PUBG Mobile is where you should be before the timer run out

The first White Zone will be huge so you don't have to worry about not be able to get into it. However, as the zone gets smaller, you will also have less time to get into it.

While being in the White Zone will be your priority for most of the time, sometimes you might want to stay out of the White Zone for strategic purposes such as avoiding other players or surprise enemies inside the White Zone. That brings us to the second zone that you need to know about in PUBG Mobile, the Blue Zone

2. PUBG Mobile Zones - Blue Zone in PUBG Mobile

The Blue Zone is what makes the battle royale concept works. Players who stay in this zone will take damage over time. In the early game, the damage of the Blue Zone is negligible but it will increase as the game progress and based on your distance to the safe zone. Along with the Red Zone in PUBG Mobile, the Blue Zone is what all players want to stay away from.

blue Zone In Pubg
The Blue Zone in PUBG Mobile is the fundamental element that makes the battle royale concept works

Now, of course, you wouldn't want to stay in the Blue Zone and take damage for no reason, especially in the mid and late game, when the damage is significantly high. But there are some cases when that is actually the better idea than rushing into the White Zone. Here are some of the situations when you can stay in the Blue Zone:

  • When you need extra loot such as armor, helmet, backpack, or a decent weapon, you can totally stay in the Blue Zone for a little longer provided that you are not too far away or have a vehicle.
  • When you want to take a longer road to get to the safe part of the White Zone, where there are fewer people, provided that you have a vehicle and enough healing item.
  • In the late game, you wouldn't want to stay in the Blue Zone any second at all unless you are trying to win the healing battle.
blue Zone In Pubg
Fighting in the Blue Zone is definitely not a good idea

You shouldn't stay inside the Blue Zone when:

  • You want to get more loot when you already have enough equipment.
  • You try to pick up a fight another team.

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3. PUBG Mobile Zones - Red Zone in PUBG Mobile

Finally, we have the Red Zone in PUBG Mobile. The Red Zone is indicated by a small red circle on the map. The Red Zone appear randomly on the map. Some people suspected that the Red Zone will appear in an area with many people and campers, but it has been proven to be untrue.

Red Zone In Pubg
You wouldn't want to stay outside when you are inside the PUBG Red Zone

Bombs will be dropped randomly inside the Red Zone a short time after it appears. Players who got hit by bombs will be killed immediately or knocked down (Squad, Duo). The vehicle will explode if hit by bombs. Players can avoid being hit by bombs by hiding inside buildings.

While it is not guaranteed that you will be hit by a bomb in the Red Zone in PUBG Mobile, it is best to stay out of it or stay inside the building to avoid being killed randomly.

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