The PMCO Spring Slit 2020 is getting closer and closer every day and all PUBG Mobile teams in India are trying to figure out the best roster for the new competitive season.

Vampire joins Orange Rock

Sandhu left the team becasue he wants to focus on his study to become an accountant

On the official Twitter of Orange Rock, they have announced that Sandhu will be leaving the PUBG Mobile team. Sandhu has determined to focus on his study to become the "best - charted accountant." With the leaving of Sandhu, Orange Rock has a hole that needs to be filled for the PMCO Spring Split 2020. Although they haven't made an official announcement yet, it seems that Vampire will be replacing the spot of Sandhu in Orange Rock. Vampire had his name in the game changed into ORVampire. The current roster of team Orange Rock at the moment consists Mavi, Anto, Vampire, and Daljit.

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Vampire was the champion of the PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Asia

Vampire was a player of Team Mayhem. He made it to the Finals of the PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge 2019, the PMCO South Asia Finals 2019, and The PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019. He was also the champion of the BattleAdda tournament Season 2 and the runner-up of the PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Asia 2019.

About the PMCO Spring Split 2020

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The PMCO Spring Split 2020 is coming

This year, the PMCO Spring Split is the gateway for PUBG Mobile teams to step in the international battleground and compete with teams from all around the world. All teams can join the PMCO Spring Split, no matter if they are pros or amateurs. The registration for the tournament is currently open until January 21. The Online Qualifier will soon start after the registration phase end.

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