PUBG Mobile players now have so many enhancements as well as vehicles to choose from in recent updates. Thus, players are left spoiled for the choice in deciding the best vehicle for territories traverse. Every feature you expect from these vehicles, PUBG Mobile new updates gave you.

PUBG Mobile’s Vehicles

Now, it’s likely that PUBG Mobile players are spoiled for choice with a lot of new vehicles added into four maps in recent updates. PUBG Mobile even join in this event by retweeting a poll on the Official Twitter. Check it out right here.

Brdm 2 Armored Tank
BRDM-2 Armored Tank

The recent update 0.15.0 added the BRDM-2 amphibious tank which can run in both land and water. Moreover, this armored tank has a more excellent protection ability than previous UAZ in this game. However, this beast tank runs pretty slow.

Zima is a brand new four-seat car in the snowy map of Vikendi. This is also an amazing replacement for the existing UAZ car with impressive speed and durability. Moreover, Zima is specially designed for this rocky and snowy map. You can drive it to run over slippery paths, snowy slopes, and forests in Vikendi.

New Zima In Pubg Mobile Vikendi
New Zima In PUBG Mobile Vikendi

The existing Dacia car, Buggy, and Motorbikes in these maps also give players a large number of choices. Every feature you need from a vehicle, including speed, protection, or durability are here in the latest updates of PUBG Mobile.

Check Out Pubg Mobiles Tweet
Check Out PUBG Mobile's Tweet

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