PUBG Mobile has five maps to play in the Ranked Classic Mode. Two preferred maps with more green land are Sanhok and Erangel. However, which map is better for pushing rank? Let's compare and find the answer here.

Erangel Is The Larger Map

Erangel is the first map in PUBG Mobile with a lot of urban areas, grasslands, and abandoned military zones. You often need a vehicle to traverse the terrain and get into the safe zone. It's also the oldest map which was launched before all other maps.

Erangel In Pubg Mobile
Erangel In PUBG Mobile

However, Erangel is still challenging because it has unique terrain and a lot of open ground that you need to take risks to get through. You can also see a lot of low and high ground places where snipers can camp for an accurate bullet. With a decent SR and 6x or 8x scope, you can get a lot of easy kills.

There are many high spots for snipers to camp

A Mini-14 with an 8x scope are favorite combos to eliminate more enemies on this map. And a match on this map often lasts for 30 minutes. Erangel is also the most-played map in PUBG Mobile which players prefer to push rank.

Sanhok Is Smaller With More Close Combat

Sanhok is smaller than Erangel. It's only 4x4 in size. This map is also covered with large tropical forests. There are many beautiful villages, ports, military camps, and a resort. The terrain and landscapes on this map are inspired by the Philippines and Thailand. PUBG team visited and observed the landscapes to create this tropical map.

Sanhokin Pubg Mobile
Sanhok is inspired by Thailand and The Philippines

Due to the small size of this map, most of the engagements in Sanhok are close combat. You can find a lot of covers on this map, such as trees, rocks, small houses, etc. Each match only lasts about 20 minutes. The gap between engagements is often shorter. So, you always have to get ready for close combat.

As a match on Erangel is longer, you can get more rank points for a Chicken Dinner. But if you want to play more games, you should choose the map Sanhok.