The servers of PUBG Mobile will be inaccessible for a while, as the game’s developer Tencent Games prepares for the new patch, patch 0.9.0.

According to a news shared by Tencent, this server maintenance might last for several hours. The developers added an in-game alert to PUBG Mobile, saying that the game’s servers will be offline for roughly eight hours to prepare for the new update.

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However, the PUBG Mobile support team also posted a tweet on their Twitter announcing that this maintenance process will only take three hours. The tweet reads:  “PUBG MOBILE will be taken offline for maintenance from 01:00 - 04:00 (UTC) (6:30 – 9:30 Indian time) on Oct 24th.” It also states that this is just an estimated time. Depending on how the maintenance progress goes, the servers will be available “sooner or later”.

It seems that right now we cannot determine when the servers will come online again. If the in-game alert is to be believed, then the servers will be open at around 14:30 in India. If the Twitter post is correct, then it will only be roughly 9:30 Indian time when the process is complete. Keep in mind that there is always a chance that Tencent employers over deliver on their promise, and the maintenance finishes sooner than expected.

The update brings Night Mode and Halloween to PUBG Mobile
The update brings Night Mode and Halloween to PUBG Mobile

Another thing worth mentioning is that this 0.9.0 update might be the biggest update for PUBG Mobile up to now. While that means there are a lot of new things to expect, it also means this update will be massive to download for mobile phones. The beta version already takes up 3GB of hard drive. Hopefully Tencent have compressed the size of the official release a little bit.

However, update 0.9.0 will not be available immediately after the servers are back online. It will be around 24 hours before it arrives. With that being the case, there will be a point when a player already has the update and another doesn’t. This might lead to some difficulties for those who want to play with friends. They cannot do that until all players in their group have got the latest patch. However, the update should be accessible for everyone by the end of tomorrow.

Update 0.9.0 brings a lot of new things to PUBG Mobile. It includes Night Mode, a new weapon, a new vehicle, and the Halloween event.