Riding in the wave of the abundance of mobile devices, mobile games have carved a niche for themselves by offering an exceptional gaming experience. Among numerous game apps available nowadays, PUBG Mobile, owned by China-based company Tencent, is probably one of the most outstanding Battle Royale games worldwide.

Despite holding the number one spot as the most popular mobile game in India, PUBG couldn't escape from the escalating border tensions between India and China. This deteriorating relation has led to India’s ban on a series of Chinese apps, including the two significant players: Tiktok and PUBG mobile. It’s been almost a month since PUBG got canceled in India due to the government’s concern over the security and users’ data transfer and it seems like none of the alternatives can replace its special place in players’ hearts.

Enter The Safe Zone First
What are some common PUBG Mobile slangs that are widely used by players around the world?

To pay tribute to the king of battle royale and to go back to the good old days, let’s dive in the list of the most interesting slang that you may haven’t known about.

Get to the safe zone

The main objective of playing PUBG is to become the last survivor. In order to achieve that, players have to constantly keep themselves updated by looking at the map and move to the safe zone as quickly as possible. Since the safe zone will keep shrinking and moving around, team members must inform one another to move towards another section.

Pubg Mobile Flare Gun Erangel

Enemy Spotted… For Realm This Time

To frequent PUBG mobile players, the term “enemies ahead” has become all too familiar. Keeping vigilant and being able to spot the enemy as greased lightning are the fundamentals when it comes to PUBG. Whenever you identify the enemy and mark them, you can use the pop-up icon “enemy ahead” to give your teammates head-ups.

Pubg Mobile Hide Tree

Get behind the tree

Trees are among the most ubiquitous safe spots in PUBG mobile. While hiding inside buildings can decrease your visibility, staying behind trees makes you less likely to be attacked. Trees will act as shields that protect you from the bullets and increase your chance of survival.

Kar98k Pubg Mobile

Form up on me

The collective effort is undeniably one of the key factors to victory in PUBG mobile. It’s crucial that you know to utilize united strength in a strategic way. Form up on me is designed to call team members for backing up. When encountering dangerous confrontation with enemies, asking your scattered team to gather around is one of the most effective solutions.

Pubg Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode 2

Focus on the boss

This term is perfect for those who want to claim their superior role in the team and lead their teammates to victory. Since it takes much more significant effort than just good shots to win a PUBG battle, a team should have a clear strategy and certain skill set. That the reason why a leader that is able to align members is of great importance in PUBG.

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