After the ban took action early this month, PUBG Mobile players have been hoping that there will be a way to lift up the ban. In addition to that, the news that Korean corporation PUBG is planning to take over the mobile version from Chinese developer also set a ray of light for more than 3 crore PUBG Mobile players in India. However, it seems like there will be no chance for it to come back, a trusted source reported. 

Pubg Unban

No plan to lift up the ban on PUBG Mobile!

According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the ministry has no plan to unban PUBG Mobile as well as any other Chinese apps which have been blocked in India over the past few months. “There is no discussion within the ministry officials to revoke the ban on any of the apps listed in the ban list,” commented the ministry spokesperson. In addition to that, he denied giving detailed remarks on any specific apps. 

Pubg Mobile

The efforts to save PUBG Mobile in India

Earlier on 2nd September, the Indian Government officially banned the use of PUBG Mobile along with 118 other Chinese apps in the country; this was a result of the high tension in the relationship between India and China over the past months. While the decision sparked a huge public outcry among PUBG mobile players, its owner Tencent Games is trying to bring it back as soon as possible.

A few days after the official ban decision was announced, Korean software developer PUBG Corp which initially owns the copyright of PUBG Mobile claimed to take on the publishing right of the game in India so it will have no relation with the Chinese company. “In light of recent developments, PUBG Corporation has made the decision to no longer authorize the PUBG Mobile franchise to Tencent Games in India,” the company said.

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Jio Pubg

On the other hand, the company plan to hand the publishing right to the Indian biggest telecom corp Reliance Jio. While the details agreement between the two giants has yet to be discussed, it appears to be win-win cooperation and hope that they will pursue the deal as soon as possible.

An pppotunity for other games like PUBG Mobile

Being the most popular battle royale games in India, the ban of PUBG Mobile is a disater to many players but an oppotunities to its rivals. While the number of Free Fire new players rocketed a few days after the ban, it also leave an open door to new competitors to join the game.

Faug Vs Pubg

Reccently, an Indian game developer nCore Games annouced the release of its new games called FAU-G which was introduced to be a PUBG Mobile alternative for Indian players. The game sparkled a cotroversy debate on the internet and it seems like the gaming community is still skeptical about it.

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