SFX in PUBG Mobile is the sound effect setting that lets you choose the standard of sound quality. Will the SFX setting affect your performance in the game. Which SFX level is the best? Check it out below.

PUBG Mobile SFX Setting

First of all, the sound quality will definitely affect your gameplay and performance. Therefore, you need to turn on the sound in the game and use good headphones to hear the sound clearly. Make sure that you will not miss any footstep or shooting sound while playing this game. In addition, you should choose a proper audio quality.

Low Sfx
SFX level affects the sound separation between the left and the right.

There are three levels of SFX qualities, including low, high, and ultra. In general, gun and vehicle sounds are not much different. However, the right and left sound and audio are different. If you choose the low SFX standard, the sound separation between the left and the right is not as good as it is when you play with SFX. The sound will come from one direction when the enemy shoots from the left and right.

Low Sfx
The SFX quality also affects your device, such as heat and battery.

However, if you use high SFX, the sound will come from both sides with different pitches. In specific, the sound will be louder in the direction of the gunshot. Therefore, you will not miss the footstep sound or gun sound in the other direction. Moreover, the SFX quality also affects your device. It's recommended that the high sound quality will make your phones hotter. It also consumes more battery.

Sfx Level For Players With No Earphones
If you don't have earphones, the low SFX works the best for you.

Furthermore, the ultra quality of the audio may cause lag if you use a low-end smartphone. Therefore, you should use low SFX quality so that your phone won't get hot or lag. Especially, if you don't have earphones, the low SFX works the best for you. Although the ultra audio quality makes the in-game sound more realistic, it consumes a lot of battery.