Debuted in 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has achieved major success on a global scale. Currently, at any given moment there are 500,000 people from all countries playing the game. The mobile version of the game, PUBG Mobile, has also been no less popular. Released in March 2018, this mobile version attracted over 100 million downloads – and this number doesn’t even include downloads from major Asian markets such as China, Japan or South Korea - after only 4 months, setting a new record on Google Play Store.

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PUBG has seen many tournaments and championships dedicated to it. Recently, ESL – the biggest independent eSports company in the world – has also organized a competitive tournament for PUBG Mobile, called PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC). This is the first tournament that follows the eSports format for this famous mobile title. Registration for this tournament began on September 1, 2018, and it welcomed all participants, from professional gamers to streamers to amateurs with confidence in their skills. Participants compete in one of the six major regions: Europe, Asia, China, Japan & Korea, North America, and South America. Winners of each region will then battle each other in the global tournament.

Last weekend, the Finals of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge North America took place in Long Beach, California. This event features several notable competitors such as Starsnipe, Omgitsfirefoxx, and Chad. After two days of competing, the team that came out on top and won the first prize of $20,000 was Team Gates. The team in second place was Gangstars, followed by Wildcard in third place. These two teams won $15,000, and $10,000 respectively.

This wrapped up the PMSC North America tournament. The three winning teams will be participating in the PMSC Global Finals. This event is scheduled to take place in Dubai from November 29 to December 1. It has a total prize pool of $600,000. The champions stand to win $200,000, while the first runner-ups will get $100,000 and the second runner-ups $50,000.

PUBG Mobile Star Tournament NA Finals Overall
Full result of the PMSC North America Finals