Normally, players are familiar with airdrop being delivered by planes in PUBG Mobile or other battle royale games. Care packages are dropped from aircraft to random locations on the map. Players find and "loot" the drop, then continue their journey. However, these drops are a double-edged sword, gamers who pick them up may encounter ambushes coming from rivals.

B Duck PUBG Mobile old
Tencent has updated a new way of delivering airdrops in PUBG Mobile China

However, recently, in an update of PUBG Mobile China, there was a change. Tencent completely abandons the normal drop transfer to turning to a completely different way. It’s so bizarre and fun that it surprises most PUBG Mobile players in this market.

Specifically, the airdrop will not be delivered by aircraft as usual but will reach players by ... the sea. It won’t come with a specialized ship but rather “guarded” by four giant ducky toys.

B Duck PUBG Mobile new
Drops now will come from the sea

They escort the drop to the players' hands. Of course, the locations will still be completely random. These ducks are called “B Duck” in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile and it’s not certain whether there will be updates for the Indian market.

B Duck PUBG Mobile miss
It's hard to miss a giant yellow duckie in the middle of the ocean

Finding the packages carried by these ducks can also be part of the daily mission gamers must perform in PUBG Mobile. As a theme in this new update, it is not difficult to understand that there will be Little Yellow Duck accessories integrated into PUBG Mobile, such as gun and equipment skins.

B Duck PUBG Mobile sure
It's not certain whether the update will hit other servers

In general, with this interesting way of delivering drops, players will have a refreshing experience in PUBG Mobile, instead of facing up in the sky and wait for eternity as before.