The trailer for Nolan’s latest upcoming film Tenet just hit Fortnite for a debut last Thursday. Not much of the movie script was revealed. However, it’s safe to describe Tenet as an action thriller, telling the story of the international espionage world. The main concept of the movie revolves around the movement back and forth of time.

That’s why the title is a palindrome, which always reads “Tenet” even when you spell it backward. In the Fortnite trailer, we learn more about John David Washington’s character abilities. He can warp time and will use it for the sake of humanity and the future.

Tenet Fortnite party
Tenet trailer is shown is Party Royale mode in Fortnite

The Tenet trailer is filled with actions, set in several countries, including a gigantic Boeing 747 crashing onto a building. A brand new scene showed a suspended shootout in a concert theatre full of audiences who seemed to be hypnotized or knocked out asleep. 

Though, there isn’t any information on the exact release date for Tenet. The movie is scheduled to hit the theatre on July 17th, but it may be altered due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Nolan’s Tenet isn’t the only Warner Bros’ big project in 2020.

However, it will be the first “test subject” to see whether Hollywood studios could combat the effects of the pandemic. A series of major films have seen their debut delayed or even canceled entirely. Mulan, Spongebob, and Wonder Woman 1984 are three movies to come after Tenet. 

Tenet Christopher Nolan test
Nolan's Tenet will be the first test of Hollywood to see whether the world is ready for major movies to come out

Other movies such as Disney’s Hamilton, Scoob, and The Lovebirds have all moved to streaming platforms and skip the theater screen entirely. Universal and Warner Bros. themselves have also transferred some of the 2020 movies to exclusive digital titles. However, with a total budget of $210 million for production and marketing, it’s unlikely that Warner Bros. would leave Tenet aside.

Nolan Tenet fortnite
Using games like Fortnite as a means of advertisement is a smart move from Warner Bros.

Prior to Christopher Nolan’s Tenet trailer debut in Fortnite, there was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. Disney and director J.J Abrams worked with Epic to introduce a scene from the next movie on the famous franchise. Last month, Travis Scott and Marshmello’s virtual concert in Fortnite has attracted 12.3 million concurrent viewers. 

Tenet Fortnite
Tenet stills hold on to its schedule on July 17