There’s no need to stress how vast the PUBG Mobile weapon collection is. It offers players with a gigantic variety of guns and weaponry to use - each fits a certain scenario. However, if we’re asked to choose an “all-purpose” genre of guns, it must be the assault rifle. Today, we will show the best sensitivity settings for controlling these particular guns.  

Assault Rifle Pubg mobile Guns
Assault rifles are trusted by most PUBG Mobile players

Assault rifles in PUBG Mobile have well-balanced stats and a wide range of functionality. It’s because of their flexibility that many gamers have come to know and love this genre of weapon. They’re so commonly used that you rarely see a player not carrying one around any given match. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best sensitivity settings there are for controlling the assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. 

Best Sensitivity Settings for Control Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile

#1 Camera Sensitivity 

The free-look sensitivity enables players to adjust the view around while suing the eye-button in PUBG Mobile gameplay. For controlling the assault rifles, you don’t really need to care much about the camera sensitivity. Therefore, you can set it to your reference or just leave it at default.

#2 Camera

The camera sensitivity affects how your camera fluctuates when you swipe the screen but not fire. In other words, it adjusts the movement of the camera angle when players aren’t shooting. Here’s the camera sensitivity for assault rifles in PUBG Mobile:

Pubg mobile Guns camera
Camera settings for assault rifles in PUBG Mobile
  • TPP no scope: 90-110%
  • FPP no scope: 85-100%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 50-60%
  • 2x Scope: 35-45%
  • 3x Scope: 25-30%
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 15-20%
  • 6x Scope: 10-12%
  • 8x Scope: 5-9%

#3 ADS Sensitivity

The ADS sensitivity is perhaps the most important out of the three. It provides stability and control as this setting affects how your camera moves while firing. Get the value right, and you will gain more control as well as keep the barrel down for more accuracy. The ADS settings for assault rifles are as follow:

ads pubg mobile
ADS settings for assault rifles in PUBG Mobile
  • TPP no scope: 95-110%
  • FPP no scope: 90%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 55-65%
  • 2x Scope: 35-45%
  • 3x Scope: 30-35%
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 18-20%
  • 6x Scope: 15-19%
  • 8x Scope: 8-13%