It’s true that PUBG Mobile offers a large collection of weaponry, with various guns falling into different categories. Some are incredibly sufficient and used by most of the players, meanwhile, some get completely deserted. Today, we’ll go over the three guns that most PUBG Mobile players won’t even consider picking up. 

#1 Tommy Gun 

This SMG seems great with slightly above-average statistics. What’s holding it back is the high recoil rate that you can only compensate for with a vertical grip and a muzzle. The accuracy is also off, even when you have all the possible attachments. In addition, Tommy Gun isn’t scope-compatible. You’re stuck with the default iron sight - which can be super annoying to deal with sometimes. The only plus you get with this gun is that it has a large magazine, up to 50 rounds with an extended mag. 

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 Guns That No Players Care About Tommy
The Tommy Gun lacks accuracy and control

#2 MK 47 Mutant

When you take the MK 47 Mutant into a comparison with other ARs, it falls off in almost every aspect. It fires slower and only shoots single or burst rounds. Some argue that the gun is good for mid-range combat. But why choose MK 47 while there are DMRs that do a much a better job at it? Moreover, its range is the lowest in the AR class, so we think the gun definitely needs a little buff and tweak. 

Mk47 PUBG Mobile: Top 3 Guns That No Players Care About 
The MK47 Mutant hasn't made any impressive meta in PUBG Mobile

#3 Winchester 94

Last but not least, let’s not forget the infamous Win 94 - probably the worst sniper rifle you can get your hands on in PUBG Mobile. It’s modeled after a historical weapon as the Tommy Gun, maybe that’s why it’s nearly impractical to use. The only attachment for Win 94 is a freaking bullet loop. It fires 0.45 ACP rounds that don’t deal much damage as a sniper rifle should. The gun comes with a pre-attached 2.7X scope, but it doesn’t compensate for its awfully slow fire rate. 

PUBG Mobile: Top 3 Guns That No Players Care About win94
We all agree that the Winchester 94 needs some love from the developers