We all know that PUBG Mobile is all about that competitive gameplay, players will strive for any advantages they can get. Many of which come from the combinations of weapons that you use. Each gun in the game is designed for a different purpose and can yield great results when handled right. With that being said, this is the top 3 gun combinations that will help you win the “Chicken Dinner”.

pubg mobile zone last
Have you ever made it to the circle this small?

Of course, it’s never a good idea to bring a sniper rifle with a 4X to 8X scope into the last circle in PUBG Mobile. The small area of the circle means that the opponents can close up anf finish you off before you manage to fire. ARs, SMGs, or DMRs seem like the way to go. These versatile weapons allow you to shoot in different modes, yet still dishing out an incredible amount of damage. Let’s check them out!

#1 AKM and M416

Some players, especially newbies, often go for the double AR option and AKM plus M416 may be the ultimate combo. With this dynamic duo of guns, you can basically fight from the first to the last circle. They excel in close range combat with damage and fire rate. Control the recoil perfectly, and you’ll drop the enemies in a blink of an eye. But, remember to get suitable scopes for a bonus advantage. 

pubg mobile m416
M416 is often dubbed as the gun for newbies, but it surely does its job

#2 Beryl M762 and Uzi

Double AR is good, but what about the AR - SMG combo? SMGs (Submachine guns) are designed for close-range combat as such in the small zone of the last circles. They inflict medium damage but fire at an astounding speed. Plus, the Uzi also has pretty much no recoil. Pair that with a Beryl M762 for mid-range fights, then you’re good to go. 

pubg mobile m762
The Beryl M762 deals respectable damage, but it's harder to control

#3 Scar-L and Mini 14

Last but not least, AR and DMR should also be considered. The Scar-L has always a trusty Assault Rifle since the release of PUBG Mobile. It’s easy to control but doesn’t give up the damage potential. Meanwhile, Mini 14 is one of the fastest DMR in the game. Combine them together, and you get a deadly combo for the last circle. Plus, they both use 5.56 ammo, so you won’t have to carry much ammunition around. 

pubg mobile mini 14
Scar-L and Mini 14 for the win

You’re free to mix and match to find the best combination that suits your playstyle. However, the three combos we suggested above are great recommendations to try out.