Fans of the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile are no stranger to the Team Deathmatch mode. Though the mechanics, the fighting remain the same as in the classic mode, TDM requires different strategies for victory. The choice of weapons could mean everything in this mode. You want to bring a gun that performs well in both close-range and mid-range combats, putting out decent damage and having great controllability. Assault rifles fit perfectly to this description. Here are the top 4 ARs that will make you triumph in TDM. 

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Enjoy the TDM mode with these powerful ARs

Top 4 Assault Rifles for TDM in PUBG Mobile

Beryl M762

  • Ammo: 7.62mm
  • Damage: 46
  • Rate of fire: 0.086s
  • Reload duration: 2.90s
best ar tdm pubg mobile beryl 762
Beryl 762 takes the stage with its high fire rate

It’s easy to understand why the Beryl M762 makes it to our list. This gun fires fast, and with the large 7.62mm ammo, it can dish out an incredible amount of damage to your enemies. It comes with a standard magazine of 30 rounds that is expandable to hold up to 40. The only downside of the Beryl M762 is its high recoil. So do take some time to learn how to control it. 


Ammo: 7.62mm

Damage: 47

Rate of fire: 0.100s

Reload duration: 2.90s

best ar tdm pubg mobile akm
AKM is still one of the most used weapons in PUBG Mobile

Of course, we can not leave the trusty old AKM out of the equation here. It uses the same 7.62 ammunition as the Beryl M762 but has a slight edge damage-wise. This gun excels in close-range combat, dropping your opponents super fast. However, it does fire slower and recoils more than the previous counterpart. 


Ammo: 5.56mm 

Damage: 41 

Rate of fire: 0.096s

Reload duration: 2.20s

best ar tdm pubg mobile scar l
Don't forget the SCAR-L

Many turn to the SCAR-L when it comes to TDM. Every time you don’t know what to choose for the fight, bring the SCAR-L and it won’t disappoint. This is one of the most balanced and stable guns in the whole game. It has a decent fire rate and really fast reloads speed, perfect for constant combats in the TDM mode. 


Ammo: 5.56mm

Damage: 41

Rate of fire: 0.0857s

Reload duration: 2.10s

best ar tdm pubg mobile m416
Nothing can beat the M416 with full attachments

Every PUBG Mobile fan knows that the M416 is the top-tier assault rifle in the game. It may not give that much damage per hit as the AKM or the Beryl, but the controllability makes up for that downside. Acquire all the attachments available, and you’ll have yourself a true powerhouse of a gun. Stat-wise, it’s the fastest rifle on the list. That combines with the easy to control recoil, makes the M416 unstoppable in Team Deathmatch mode.