Miramar is one of the first original maps of PUBG Mobile that put the title on the Battle Royale scene. It’s a perfect map for those who prefer long-range combats with a gigantic total area. Therefore, getting your hands on sniper rifles or guns that fire through great distance is crucial to get the “Chicken Dinner” here. And what’s the better place to look for those than in flare gun drops. Check out these 5 best locations on Miramar to find flare guns. 

flare gun miramar pubg mobile change
Miramar has just gone through a major change

#1 Pecado

There’s none that can beat Pecado when it comes to both the quantity as well as the quality of loots. Surrounded by casinos, buildings, and all kinds of construction, this city is filled with weapons, armor, and consumables for your battle. Normally, you will find at least 1 flare gun out of this location. And if you’re lucky, more can spawn in nearby structures for you to grab. But be careful though, as other squads may have the same idea.

Pubg Mobile Pecado
Pecado is always the number one drop spot on Miramar

#2 Hacienda Del Patrón

Conveniently located in the center of Miramar, Hacienda Del Patrón is definitely one of the best drop locations. This is the perfect spot for those who love quick looting and non-stop combats. After Pecado, the hill-surrounded villa of Hacienda Del Patrón is the next location where you’re most likely to find a flare gun. However, you must hold still to your weapon and prepare to fight your way of the villa. 

Pubg Mobile Hacienda
Many will choose to drop here

#3 Prison

Prison is perhaps the most neglected location Miramar. Most players leave this out of their options since it’s located to the Southern furthermost point of the map. Though its location can cause some problems getting back to the play zone, Prison is still a prevalent choice if you’re looking for a flare gun. This spot consists of mainly brick houses and small buildings, abundant in loot. But do find yourself a vehicle first, you don’t want to be running all the way back to the zone. 

Pubg Mobile Prison
Players shy away from Prison because it's far away from the mainland

#4 Graveyard

The Graveyard is the favorite location for solo/duo players. It doesn’t cover that much ground, hence, the quantity of the loot may not be enough for a full squad of four. But the Graveyard is still one of the top spots to look for a flare gun in Miramar. Go ahead and search through the church as well as the ground around to find what you desire. 

Pubg Mobile Graveyard
Graveyard may be small, but it can pack decent loot for two

#5 Impala

The small city of Impala is the last on our list of best locations to find a flare gun on the Miramar map. It consists of houses, churches, and several compounds, densely placed next to each other. Impala can provide for a whole squad with adequate items and a flare gun to look for some more. It spawns various rifles, armors, as well as consumables for you to choose. 

Visiting Impala isn't a bad idea