PUBG Mobile features a huge arsenal of guns, and players can easily be overwhelmed by just how many choices there are. Some like to stick to just one gun until they completely master it. Others prefer to try every gun they can get their hands on to work out which gun is good in which situation. Still, there are some guns that really stand out from the rest of the pack, so, we have made a list of the best guns in the game:


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This Airdrop-exclusive assault rifle is one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile if used correctly. Using 7.62 rounds, this bad boy packs quite the punch. However, it has high recoil, so you will need a little bit of time to get used to this weapon. Once you do, though, you will find yourself coming out on top in most conflicts.


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This is the only gun in the game that can kill a player with a single headshot through a level 3 helmet. That should tell you something about the damage of this sniper rifle. Of course, that kind of power will not just be lying around for you to pick up. The AWM and its special bullets can only be found in Airdrops.


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While the damage of this bolt action sniper rifle cannot compare to the AWM, it is still capable of one-shotting players wearing level 2 helmet with a headshot. One huge advantage that the M24 has over the AWM is that it can found on the map, and its 7.62 rounds are also really easy to find.


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The SKS is pretty hard to control, which is why many people shy away from using it. However, if you have the skills to wield this weapon, it will not fail you in times of need.


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Due to its versatility, the M416 is one of the most popular weapons ones in PUBG Mobile. This gun is kind of a Jack-of-all-trades with low recoil and decent damage that can perform decently in every situation. Because of this, it is very beginner-friendly.


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The AKM has high recoil but it is the strongest of any non-Airdrop Assault Rifle in term of damage. It can easily be found around the map, and is very effective at close range.