While PUBG Mobile is totally free-to-play with all the functions ready for players to hop in and enjoy an intense battle royale match, you have to pay if you want to look good. We all have been there when PUBG Mobile releases another event or another beautiful exclusive set while you don't have any money in your pocket.

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All the premium skins in PUBG Mobile are super temping

Many players try to look for UC hack websites on the Internet with the hope to get their hands on those premium skins for free but what they get in return will be just disappointments or even worse, they will lose their account. If you don't believe it, see below as we try one of the top UC hack websites.

PUBG Mobile UC hack Website Test

Here is one of the top results when you search Google for UC hack in PUBG Mobile. The website uses the background image of PUBG Mobile to make it look more credible.

Uc Hack

It says that all you have to do is enter any amount of UC and BP you want along with your user name in PUBG Mobile to hack, even bonus a Google Gift Card.

Uc Hack1

When you press Start, you will be asked to enter your user name in PUBG Mobile along with your platform.


Here is a little bit of animation to make it look convincing that it works.


Next, the website will tell you that you need to do a human verification by entering your Facebook or Twitter account. However, both links will redirect you to fake a Facebook/ Twitter login page. Take a close look at the 2 pictures below. You will see that those URLs are not the URLs of Facebook and Twitter.



If you enter your Facebook or Twitter account here, they will know your account password and user name and change it. Of course, your PUBG Mobile account will go away with your Facebook/ Twitter account as well and it will be almost impossible to get them back. This is why you should never use these types of sites.

How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile

If you want to get some free UC in PUBG Mobile, there are actually several different ways to do that. You won't get like 1,000 UC instantly, but you will get a decent amount if you are willing to spend time. To know more about ways to get free UC in PUBG Mobile, visit our article PUBG UC Purchase Free - How To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile.