PUBG Mobile’s popularity is out of the discussion. It’s now one of the most-played mobile games in the world, with a demographic of millions. The community of that size requires extensive care from both the developer and the publisher alike. They work hard to introduce new content constantly, each comes with brand new skins, outfits, and emotes alongside the gameplay update. Yet, there’s a handful of players who can afford to purchase all of them. 

indian bonus challenge rewards
The Indian Bonus Challenge system offers great sets of items

Since most of the exclusive and beautiful cosmetic items in the store can only be purchased with Unknown Cash, or UC - the premier currency of PUBG Mobile. The fastest way to get your hands on these shining bucks is to reach down to your pocket and actually pay for them. However, not many can afford this luxury, so the publisher introduces the India Bonus Challenge.

What’s India Bonus Challenge?

This is in fact a reward system where players can earn in-game battle coins and later redeem them for UC. The better you play, the more coins you get. Winning the match, plus securing several kills should net a hefty chunk of BP under your belt. The next step is to visit the Bonus Challenge Redeem section in PUBG Mobile and exchange your desired rewards, in this case, Unknown Cash.

uc bonus challenge
The glorious days of UC making is no more

India Bonus Challenge Reward Redemption Update

If you’re a veteran PUBG Mobile player, then you definitely know about the UC trick associated with the India Bonus Challenge. Just a few weeks ago, it was a simple way to earn free UC without breaking your bank. The UC rewards refreshed every week in the redeem section then. However, the devs left some loopholes in the system on which PUBG Mobile exploited to the fullest. 

For every refresh, one can make up to 1,800 UC per week, which adds up to a total of 7,200 UC per month. In this Season, PUBG Mobile's developers finally tackle this bug. They considered and nerfed the refresh rate of rewards to just once every season. It means that players can redeem items for one time in one season only. The next redemption chance will come in the first week of Season 15.