As the World Cup season has started, PUBG Mobile has started its World Cup season, alongside a new event that centers around it. Right now, you can enter the event from the game’s event section. Hop in for a chance to win amazing rewards like Flipkart vouchers, outfits, gun skins and much more!

PUBG Mobile
A brand-new PUBG Mobile World Cup event is here. Get your rewards right now!

How To Enter?

The World Cup event will involve you predicting the outcome of matches between participating national teams. You’ll earn points from correct prediction and from then, climbing the leaderboards for a chance of winning smartphones.

Tokens are what players need to make their predictions. You can earn them through many in-game activities like logging in, playing matches in Classic Mode or simply survive 10 minutes in such matches. Or, players can just buy tokens using their money right inside the game.

For each correct match prediction, you’ll earn 3 runs. Be extra careful with your predictions as incorrect ones will grant you nothing. To earn more runs with each correct prediction, World Cup Event Tokens are available for players to purchase.

At the same time, the leaderboards will be there to record your daily runs score. Once reaching a particular milestone, you can redeem various in-game rewards.


PUBG Mobile
Be in the final top 30 leaderboards to receive stunning rewards!

Lucky Draw: During the entire event, 5 lucky players will receive special gift vouchers from a popular e-commerce website. Keep an eye out each Monday via the in-game mail to see if you’re the lucky one.

Grand Prize: At the end of the event, the top 10 leaderboards will earn themselves stunning smartphones. Players rank 11-20 and 21-30 shall receive 2000 INR and 1000 INR gift vouchers, respectively.

In case there’s a tie, they will compare their royal pass rank/level and K/D ration to pick the winner.

Redeem Rewards:

Here are the milestones to redeem cool in-game rewards:

PUBG Mobile
Awesome rewards awaiting players in PUBG Mobile World Cup Event.

  • 36 Runs: a Rugged-Orange skin for the UMP9 (15 days)
  • 70 Runs: 1 Classic Coupon
  • 80 Runs: a cool light blue Denim Shirt
  • 90 Runs: a Rename Card
  • 150 Runs: a Desert Camo skin for the AWM
  • 180 Runs: a Sk8er Set