There has been quite a chatter upon the PUBG Mobile eSports division’s decision to increase the PUBG Mobile World League South Asia slots from five to seven. Recently, a party of professional players has shared some details about the PMWL and PMWC. More specifically, the party involves OR Mavi, PH Iconic, and FNC Scout. Their discussion started at the 2:40:30 mark of their live stream.

FNC Scout
FNC Scout also joined the stream session sharing about the PMWL details

Here are some details that can we summarize about the biggest PUBG Mobile event of the year:

1) PMWL East Fall 2020 will start from 15th July and be an online-exclusive event. 

2) Four representatives from PMWL Spring 2020 East and West each will qualify for the World Championship.

3) Four teams each from PMWL Fall 2020 East and West each will qualify for the World Championship.

4) The PUBG Mobile World Championship will have a total prize pool of $450,000 and will take place at the end of this year.

PMWL east
PMWL East Split will kick off from July 15, 2020

PUBG Mobile fans express strong discontentment after the game eSports’ division increased the South Asian slots from five to seven. In response, PUBG Mobile India claimed that they are planning to make core changes to the first season of the PMWL and that the increase would not affect any other region in any means. No slots will be taken away from currently qualified teams. 

Qualified Teams For PMWL

15 teams have already qualified to attend the PMWL East Sprint. The last 3 contenders will be determined after the completion of the PMPL South Asia Finals that take place from June 12 to June 14, 2020. 

pmwc pubg2020
Tune in for more details regarding the biggest PUBG Mobile event of the year

Here’s a list of the qualified teams: 

  • PMPL SA League Stage: Orange Rock Esports, TSM-Entity, GodLike, SynerGE 
  • SEA Finals: Yoodo Gank & KOG
  • PMPL Indonesia: Bigetron Esports
  • PMPL Malaysia: Team Secret
  • PMPL Thailand: Valdus Esports 
  • PMPL Vietnam: Box Gaming
  • PMCO Pakistan: FreeStyle
  • PMCO Wildcard: No Chance
  • Japan Championship: Reject Scarlet
  • PMPL TPE: U Level Up
  • PMPL TPE: Xenon