The PMPL South Asia has just ended a few days ago. All 7 teams who will be coming to the PUBG Mobile World League East have been confirmed, including Celtz, TSM Entity, SynerGE, Megastars, Orange Rock, GodLike, and TeamIND. Orange Rock won the League Stage while the underdog team Celtz managed to become the winner of the Finals.

The PMPL South Asia was the place where all teams tried the best as they can. From this tournament, we can have a chance to take a deep look at how teams performed and get new lessons. Here is what we have learned from this tournament.

1. Consistency is better than kills

TSM-Entity is the team that has the most kills in both the PMPL South Asia League Stage and Finals, but they only went second place in both. Orange Rock, while having much less kills, they have 10 Chicken Dinner thanks to their great positioning in matches and be on the top. The same goes for team Celts. They didn't have many Chicken Dinner or kills but they got high placement every match and beat TSM-Entity with their placement points.

Hindi Pmpl South Asia Finals Day 3 Pubg Mobile Pro
TSM-Entity had the most kills but wasn't the winner

It is very important to be in the top 3 in each PUBG Mobile match. The top 3 teams get 20 points, 14, points, and 10 points respectively just for surviving while killing other teams is much harder and riskier.

2. TSM-Entity is the most highest-skilled team in India

TSM-Entity has the highest number of kills in the PMPL South Asia League Stage and Finals. Every single player in the team is a killing machine, especially Jonathan and ClutchGod. Jonathan was the top fragger in the League Stage while ClutchGod was the top fragger in the Finals.

Wtm Cover 33 8862_wm
TSM Jonathan has insane numbers of kills in the PMPL South Asia

It is not exaggerated to say that TSM-Entity has enough skills to be comparable to the best teams in the world such as Bigetron RA and RRQ Athena.

3. Always watch out for the underdogs

No one could have ever thought that teams such as Celtz and Megastars and actually overrun the big guys like TSM-Entity and Orange Rock. They both have earned their slots into the PUBG Mobile World League thanks to their stellar performance in the Finals. They sure have surprised everyone who watches the tournament and who knows, they might be the future of Indian PUBG Mobile one day.

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4. Team IND has never missed an international event

Ever since the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018, team IND has been consistently made it into the international stage of the PMCO. While they didn't place very high on the scoreboard, they sure know how to keep their consistency.

5. SouL And Fnatic need some serious changes

SouL and Fnatic are the two most favorited PUBG Mobile teams in India and none of them made it to the PUBG Mobile World League. This has left many fans very disappointed. They will need to get back on their feet soon before fans run out of patience.

Indias Team Soul May Have Lost The Pubg Tournament 44eb_wm
Team SouL failed badly in the PMPL South Asia

MortaL has already announced his plan for his team by getting a new player and coach. Fnatic is also going to have a new roster to replace to old one for a fresh start.

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