MortaL just hit another milestone with 5 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. During the celebration stream os this event he revealed that team SouL is expecting a new player and a new coach to the roster. This new player can be someone we already knew in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene or a new talented rookie that they just found and their identity is not yet to be revealed.

Some fans are mistaking that Sangwan is leaving team SouL since he is playing with team Element in the PMIS 2020. This is totally not true and Sangwan has already explained this in one of his videos. He is just temporarily playing for team Element in the PMIS 2020 only since team SouL is already full and he is not leaving team SouL.

The real concern that we need to focus right now is Aman. MortaL says that there will be some announcement about Aman to be revealed through team SouL's Instagram. Mortal also mentions that SouL might expand to 2 new games within this year, but nothing is final yet.

The PUBG Mobile World League adds two more slots for the PMPL South Asia

ScoutOP also confirmed that Mavi from Orange Rock is going to play with him in team Fnatic. Mavi is the IGL of Orange Rock, a very valuable player in the team. If these two players actually come together in Fnatic, it is to be a scary combination.

Both SouL and Fnatic are currently not qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League. However, they still have one chance left in the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Finals 2020 that is starting this evening. The top 3 teams from the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Finals 2020 will be qualified for the PUBG Mobile World League.

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