The second Alpha Test for PUBG New State is set to kick off later this August. Only selected players will have the honor to try out what's coming in the new PUBG title. Contrary to the first Alpha Test, which was exclusive to the US region, this time, the registration is open to enthusiasts around the world.

New State Troi Map Art
The second Alpha Test for PUBG New State is coming later this month.

Here's what you need to know about the PUBG New State 2nd Alpha Test.

Registration for PUBG New State 2nd Alpha Test

The second test runs for PUBG New State officially opens its registration process today, August 9, 2021. Players in the selected regions can now submit their registration forms and wait for a slot to join. However, KRAFTON has not revealed further details regarding the exact timeline for applying. We're not certain when the registration will end.

To register for PUBG New State's 2nd Alpha Test, players must visit the official game website.

New State Register
Visit PUBG New State's official website to register.

Here are few things to note about the registration:

  • PUBG New State's 2nd Alpha Test will be closed testing. That means only a limited number of qualified players can join the server. Public testing is set to happen later this year. By doing so, KRAFTON can maintain the secrecy of the content and gameplay.
  • The Alpha Test will be available for both Android and iOS users. Previously, it was only available for Android devices.
  • Schedule: The second closed Alpha Test for PUBG New State will start on August 27, 2021, and conclude on August 29, 2021.
  • Players can pre-register for PUBG New State to get the latest notice.

List of available countries for PUBG New State 2nd Alpha Test

As we have mentioned previously, only players who are residing in certain countries/regions will be able to register for the Alpha Test. The list of countries is as follows:

  • Bahrain
  • Cambodia
  • Chinese Taipei
  • Egypt
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Laos
  • Lebanon
  • Macao SAR
  • Maldives
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Oman
  • Philippines
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen

Unfortunately, Indian is not on the list. That means Indian players and content creators cannot approach and try out the new content for PUBG New State. The country will also be likely to receive the official release date of the title much later than other countries/regions.

New State Pubg
Sadly, the Alpha Test won't be available for Indian players.

As KRAFTON previously mentioned, the company would focus more on developing BGMI first. Releasing PUBG New State or BGMI Lite in India isn't their priority.

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