Garena Free Fire is now the biggest game in the mobile BR genre. The game also features a very competitive ranked system that divides players into different tiers. With the start of Ranked Season 18, every player has their eyes on achieving the highest placement in Free Fire. While the Grandmaster tier seems out of reach, getting to the Heroic tier is entirely possible.  And here's how to do just that in Garena Free Fire.

push heroic free fire
Check out these tips to push your rank in Free Fire

Tips to Push to Heroic Tier Fast in Ranked Season 18

#1 Pick Your Time

Timing is crucial to grind ranks in any game. In Free Fire, players need to start early on in the season if they wish to reach the Heroic tier quickly. There will be less competition. Later in the season, more and more players may start grinding. That's what you want to avoid.

Free Fire Papel De Parede Wallpaper
Try to play rank games early in the season

#2 Form a Regular Squad

When it comes to the Battle Royale genre, you may already know the importance of seamless coordination between team members. When playing with familiar friends or teammates, you are more likely to yield success. Problems such as miscommunication and skill level differences can be avoided.

from squad free fire
Gather your trusty friends and form a squad

#3 Choose a Suitable Characters

We can not stress enough the importance of picking the right character to play in Garena Free Fire. With the addition of K, there's a total of 33 available characters in the game right now. Instead of playing them randomly, players should main the only one that suits their playing style. Power picks such as DJ Alok or Jai would be a great choice in most situations.

Garena Free Fire Pubg Mobile Lite
Jai could be a great character to main