According to some playable characters and NPCs in Genshin, Qiaoying village on the North side of Liyue is the quickest path to Fontaine. Is it the gateway to the Hydro nation? Check out some revealed information about this village as well as its expected release date below.

I. Qiaoying Village Information

Qiaoying is the tea village in Chenyu Vale, a mysterious region in the northwest of Liyue. Besides, this village lies on the border between Liyue and Fontaine. It's unveiled in the lore of the artifact set 'Echoes of an Offering'. According to the lore, the village owed the Adeptus called 'Herblord' for the abundance of tea trees.

Qiaoying Village In Liyue
Qiaoying Village is still an unknown area in Liyue.

In the old event 'Marvelous Merchandise', the NPC Liben also told Travelers that he went through Qiaoying village to reach Fontaine. He also stated that it was the shortest way to the nation of Hydro archon. The NPC Zhiqiong also went to that village and met a skilled tea maker.

Liben also revealed that Qiaoying lies among Sumeru, Fontaine, and Liyue. This tea village has a local tea ceremony. They also make tea from Spiritscent Flowers in those tea festivals. A lot of merchants and tea lovers are attracted to these special tea ceremonies.

Many famous high-quality teas in Teyvat, such as Qiaoying Floral Tea and Tianheng Bohea, originated from this village. Villagers in Qiaoying plant a lot of tea trees around their village. Many characters all around Teyvat visited this village to enjoy well-known drinks of Qiaoying. Yelan is a big fan of tea from this village.

Qiaoying Village In The North Of Liyue
Qiaoying village lies on the border between Liyue and Fontaine.

Zhongli, the Geo archon and patron of Qiaoying village, told that travelers should visit this village at least once if they have a chance in the 'Of Drink A-Dreaming' event. The Geo archon visited Qiaoying during the 'The Exquisite Night Chimes' event in Liyue to collect sesame oils and tea seeds for Hu Tao.

II.  Expected Release Date Of Qiaoying Village

The Traveler had arrived through Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma before returning to The Chasm in Liyue. As can be seen on the map, there are still many unreleased regions on the North and West sides of Liyue. Qiaoying is one of these locked areas.

Yelan Is A Fan Of Tea
Yelan is a fan of tea from Qiaoying village.

After exploring the forest and desert areas in Sumeru, Genshin Impact players will possibly travel to Fontaine. Therefore, the village between Liyue and Fontaine will be unlocked before the release of the new nation. It's highly expected to be released in Update 3.7 or 3.8.

The NPC Zhiqiong, a famous wanderer that the Traveler met in The Chasm and many events and quests in Liyue, was commissioned to map Qiaoying Village's terrain. Perhaps, the village will be released when her map is completed.

The Tea Village
Qiaoying is a famous village that produces many high-quality kinds of tea.

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