Table Top Racing: World Tour - Nitro Edition was first introduced to the gamer community earlier this year through the Nintendo Switch. Now, it has made its way over to the iOS platform. Check out the game’s trailer below:

As its title suggests, Table Top Racing: World Tour is a racer game in which you’ll use miniature vehicles to race around various tracks. The game also offers 8 unique power-ups to pick up along the way, which will give you an advantage over your competition. These power-ups can range from offensive to defensive ones: Some cause damage to opponents or hinder their movements, while others can grant additional protection to your own car.

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Several unique power-ups to pick up along the way

Aside from that, you can equip your vehicle with 6 types of weapon wheels to lay waste to anyone that stands in your path. An example of this is the “spike wheel”, which has pointy ends sticking out on its side. With this, you can drive next to an opponent and then swerve into them to inflict damage.

In terms of vehicle choices, there are 16 cars for you to pick, which include traditional-looking race cars as well as less conventional racing vehicles like vans or even beetles. Basically, there will definitely be something for everyone. You'll also be able to upgrade them as well.

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You'll get to equip your car with special wheels and upgrade them

The Switch version of Table Top Racing: World Tour - Nitro Edition has been praised by many for its sizable single-player campaign, which can offer more than 25 hours’ worth of content. Meanwhile, multiplayer races can see up to 8 players duking it out across dozens of tracks to see who is the best driver. That said, some reviews have criticized the on-track action as lackluster.

In any case, Table Top Racing: World Tour - Nitro Edition can be found on the App Store right now as a premium app priced at $4.99 (Rs 350).