Game developer and publisher Dire Wolf Digital was reportedly developing a few digital adaptations of board games, including Wings of Glory and Mage Knight. The award-winning title Raiders of the North Sea is one of the aforementioned titles, and it's coming to Steam, Nintendo Switch, Google Play and Apple Store next Tuesday, on July 30!

Raiders Of The North Sea 0
The digital release for an award-winning board game will soon be available for multiple platforms

As a matter of fact, Raiders of the North Sea is the second installment in a Viking-themed trilogy. The game is actually a worker-placement title where players will need to build up resources and acquire crew cards in order to face bigger challenges. You will be awarded points towards the progress, and the one holding the biggest point pool will be crowned as the champion.

Raiders Of The North Sea
Get ready to raid settlements for gold and fame!

The game offers a multiplayer mode where you can either enjoy with your friends simultaneously or asynchronously, along with a cross-platform feature between Android, iOS, Switch, and PC. At the moment, a game can only has up to 4 players, but the physical version of Raiders of the North Sea did get an expansion that brings the number of maximum players to 5, so maybe we'll get something similar with the digital port in the future.

Below is a short teaser for you to get a quick look at Raiders of the North Sea:

To keep players' interest in the game, Dire Wolf has added some new features besides the main campaign, including upgradable boats, a 10-game campaign in the North Sea to explore, or singleplayer battles against AI combatants. With a turn-based gameplay, you are totally free to set your own pace while experiencing the world of Raiders of the North Sea. The game is even easier to approach thanks to an in-game tutorial mode.

Raiders Of The North Sea1
It's raiding season!

Mark your calendar on July 30, and don't forget to invite friends to your journey to the Viking's world!