The award-winning Metroidvania roguelike Dead Cells Android would be available on June 3rd. This is going to be a premium game release - without any in-app purchases or advertisements. The android version of Dead Cells would be available with a price of 10 dollars and a 10% discount for the first week. This is one of the best Metroidvania available - with sky-high ratings on multiple review pages - if you don't want to miss the game's arrival, you can pre-reg on the Google Play Store to receive a notification on release day.

dead cells android apk
Dead Cells Android Apk: One of the best Roguelike Platformer RPG is finally available on Android

Dead Cells is one of the best titles released in 2018 - for a good reason. In this review below, we would list out some of the most notable characteristics of the game that has attracted attention from the masses. These details would certainly be included in the android version of the game.

1 - Dead Cells Android: Story and theme

In a long-forgotten prison cell lies an unknown corpse that was tucked away. Time passes... a strange mass of green goo slips into the cell and reanimates the body. The amalgamation mass of armored pieces and good then charges through the prison, mowing down hordes of zombies and undead to find a way out. If you are a fan of Dark Souls, you certainly would find a lot of similarities in this beginning.

Dead Cells is an amazing combination of today's most popular indie genres. From the procedurally generated levels and item distribution of roguelikes to the Metroid style of action platformers, with the aesthetics of Dark Souls on top. It is actually pretty impressive that these elements fitted together this well, as the personal progressions from games like Dark Souls or Metroid actually clash with the randomized resets of a roguelike.

2 - Dead Cells Android: Level Design

The randomness of the game was restrained a little by the system of progression unlocks. Each time your character gets back to life, you would be given a brand new chance to progress through the stages - but everything you have built upon from previous playthroughs is still intact. For example, while the first stage is always the Prisoner's Quarters, your next zone could either be the Promenade of the Condemned or the Toxic Servers. Only the former would be available at first. When you gathered enough runes to unlock the latter path, every playthrough later would have the route unlocked.

dead cells android release date
Dead Cells Android Release Date: You can juggle between various melee and ranged weapons

This is actually a pretty unique aspect of the game - the whole experience unlocks little by little after multiple playthroughs and not just one. You would progress, die and restart in order to open up a way out through different routes while collecting resources and critical updates.

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3 - Dead Cells Android: Combat

Along the road, you would find a huge inventory of new weapons and skills in either chests or shops. Stat upgrades that run out upon death and "cells" are also pretty important as well - if you survive your current stage and cash in this "cells" currency, rare items would be unlocked later - from new items for your potential gear pool or permanent upgrades like healing items.

dead cells android apk
Dead Cells Android Apk: A boss fight is much trickier than normal enemies - you would have to use various objects in the environment.

Combat and platforming are the most praised aspects of this game, and mastering them is crucial in beating the game. These two actions are easy to perform and mesh pretty well together - you would get the hang of it after a while. Dead Cells is very forgiving compared to other platformers - you would not be challenged too much with spikes upon spikes and hard jumps... most of the game would focus more on combat.

dead cells on android
Dead Cells on Android: The control scheme was designed relatively simple with only a few buttons

Each enemy would respond to your attacks in a different way. Some would not be able to see you or attack unless you are directly on their level and line of sight, while others would constantly attack you across the screen through an opening. Your goal is to read the screen, predict enemy attacks and figure out a path to take out every one of them. There are a lot of other variables included - from the presence of doors (which can be opened slowly or kick down to stun enemies behind) to toxic pools and spike pools - these aspects work together to mix things up so that every stage would be exciting. Each enemy glows a bit and has a distinct design so that you would not lose sight of everything amidst the flashy skill effects.

4 - Dead Cells Android: Depths of Gameplay and Combat

Usually, you would be running around with two weapons or one weapon and a shield, which is very similar to dark souls. If you have two melee weapons, you can roll behind an enemy and backstab them. The roll dodge is effective and very forgiving - more often than not, you would be able to roll through attacks and hit the attackers themselves. This is actually more effective than jumping above them. If you are carrying a shield, however, you can parry attacks - time your block to the exclamation point above the attacking enemies and you would be able to parry everything.

dead cells for android
Dead Cells For Android: A myriad of upgrades would definitely keep the game fresh and give you an edge as long as you can grind them all.

This is one of the most brilliant aspects of Dead Cells, as everything is telegraphed enough so that you get the information needed to take on various challenges. You can see clearly when the enemies are going to strike or the support caster that needs to be taken down first. Undodgeable projectiles also glow red as well.

Dead Cells for Android would be released on June 3, 2020. Interested in more of our articles related to Android games? Please check out this post for more information about the upcoming horror survival Dead By Daylight Mobile.