Last month, Playdigious made an announcement about the arrival of Cultist Simulator on both Android and iOS platforms. The game has already been a familiar name to PC player since its successful launch last year, so its developer Weather Factory decides to expand its market to smartphones. Just recently, the exact release date of the game has been tweeted on social media, and it will be April 2nd.

A glance at the diversified system of cards in Cultist Simulator

In spite of the fact that many players have experienced Cultist Simulator either on their computer or laptop, there are still others who have not yet. Then what is the game Cultist Simulator like? To put it in a nutshell, it is a roguelike story-based fictional card game, in which every single choice of yours make the story develop in a separate way. The game puts you in the role of a scholar seeking unseen arts, and your objective is to establish a cult along with gather as many believers as possible. Although the introduction seems confusing and lack of direction, only by playing the game could you realize how exciting it really is.

All the artworks in Cultist are truly amazing and creative

The game’s PC version has satisfied lots of players with sufficient support in its language setting. Though not yet released, its mobile version is officially confirmed to support English and Simplified Chinese. The game’s card base nature has been a fascinated mechanic on PC and is promising to be even more perfect on touch systems.

Hereby there is good news for Android device owners, a pre-register option is now available for Cultist Simulator. Though at the moment there is no such pre-order option for iOS users, e-mail registration is also acceptable on Weather Factory's official website. Anyway, the game will be available for purchase at a preferential price for the first period after launch. It is only less than a week away from now, so be prepared!