Rise of Empire: Ice and Fire is a very complex strategy game on mobile with a lot of interesting features that can be really confusing at first glance. In this post, we are going to give out an overview of Rise of Empires Ice and Fire Gameplay and some tips and tricks for new players to start the game.

1 - Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay: Beginners' Tips and Tricks

Follow the recommended build order

At first, you would probably be bombarded with the sheer number of buildings in the game. While being creative can be pretty tempting, it is recommended to just follow the build order of the game's tasks. Certain features of the game are unlocked by the castle level, so if you don't know what you are doing, the default build sequence is your best bet.

rise of empire ice and fire gameplay
Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay: City Overview

Focus on leveling your Castle as soon as possible

The main objective that must be done early on is to get your Castle to the highest as possible level. It is best to upgrade to a level 10 Castle ASAP then catching up with the building upgrades later. Only level up the buildings that are required for castle upgrade.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay
Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay: Choosing heroes

Level up the most important buildings first

Once your castle has reached level 8-10, you can begin to catch up with leveling all the other buildings. Work on increasing your nation's population and ensure that all resource buildings are upgraded first, along with storages. You would get more resources from the world map later, but early on, the resource buildings are the most important. All other buildings except for those mentioned are not important, just catch up with them after Castle level 10.

Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay
Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay: Attacking other cities

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Which faction to pick?

Once you reach level 6, you would be able to choose a development path. There are 3 classes to pick from: Trader, Raider or Farmer, with each class focus on a different aspect of the game. It is recommended to pick the farmer class at first to boost your productivity early on. One you read level 10, switch to Raider, as this is the most enjoyable way to play the game.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay
Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay: pick an alignment

Plan your kingdom's layout

It is best that you plan out things a bit at the beginning, as buildings are permanent and cannot be moved. You would need roads connected to a building in order for it to work - it is best that you build those in advance. Separate buildings based on their type - all resources building go into one corner and all troops building go into another. This would definitely help in managing your statistics and keep the kingdom in check.

Use all your speed boosts early on

These 1-minute speed boosts are pretty much worthless in the late game so it is best to just spend them all right away.

2 - Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay: Advanced tips

Keep the Factories and Tavern Stocked up

These two buildings need to be filled up constantly to work. The tavern is actually really important - you would lose population score if it stops working.

rise of empire ice and fire gameplay android
Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay Android: Battle the Undead

Join an active alliance

It is best that you find a large and active alliance to join, as they provide a lot of bonuses, boosts, and free goodies. The game would progress a lot smoother that way.

Keep an eye on every task

Tap the arrow on the middle left side to see a list of potential tasks and information related to your kingdom. Scroll down and make sure that everything is in order.

Gather resources when away

If you are not going to access the game for a long period of time, it is best to leave your army out to gather resources in the world. Cavalry could carry the highest amount of resources while archer could carry the lowest.

Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay Android
Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay Android: Attack cities

What to research?

It is best to research constantly following the game's recommended route early on, for rapid production. About the troop researches, focus on the Troop Promotion to be able to upgrade your trash units into better ones. Always look at the instant benefits that you would get from researches and focus on those more pragmatic options, as the higher tiers are really expensive.

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3 - Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay: Military Tips

Train your troops constantly

You would eventually need a large army or two - and in order to accomplish that, you would have to train, collect and train more as frequently as possible. Focus on training troops early would be tremendously helpful later.

Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay Android
Rise of Empire Ice and Fire Gameplay Android: organize your buildings

Level up your troop training building and get some stables up - you would be able to take on difficult monsters and gather more resources. Once you unlock the Military University, it is best to upgrade all your existing troops and research new branches. In most cases, using a low number of higher tier units is better than using a high number of low tiers, so keep that in mind while building.

Troop composition matters - it is best that you have your infantry first, cavalry second and archers at the back. Leave archers out if you are going to gather resources with your troops.

Constantly clear out monsters on the map

You would need to clear out the monsters as often as possible to get resources - try to fight the biggest one that you can fight without suffering heavy injuries. Once you have enough levels, join your allies in fighting the more dangerous threats on the map like the Undead Giants.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay
Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay: Build your country

Develop and Recruit heroes

There are a lot of heroes that you can Recruit, and while most of them are useless, you would still need a bunch to improve your kingdom. This works the same as upgrading techs - try to focus on production at first then switch into military later. Focus your resources on developing your top combat heroes so that they can lead your troops - fighting enemies would be much easier that way. Train your rarest heroes first - blue and green heroes are useless later on so don't focus on them.

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