Rise of Empires is a real-time Nation vs. Nation medieval strategy war game. Players would step into the shoes of a leader of a small town that was devastated by the invasion of the Eastern Dynasty, led by the infamous Death Harbingers with the power to control dragons.

In this Rise Of Empire Ice And Fire Guide For Beginners, we would guide you on bringing your empire back from the ruins, train your troops, tame dragons, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the unending war.

Rise Of Empire Ice And Fire Guide

1 - What To Do First?

Build structures based on the recommended order

There are just too many buildings in the game and construct the wrong one first would delay your progress greatly. It is recommended to just follow the recommended build order first until you are not able to do it anymore. Upgrading Castle level is the most important, of course - it is the prerequisite for a lot of upgrades. If you don't know what to do next, just check your castle.


Try to level up your castle as fast as possible

It is recommended that you upgrade your castle to level 10 ASAP - other building upgrades can be caught up with later. The reason for this is that level 10 castle would unlock a few new features that you might need early. Only level up the buildings required for castle upgrade.

Get the resource building up first

After your castle is upgraded fully, you can begin to work on the other buildings. Resource buildings should be your main priority, along with resource storage. You can send troops to acquire materials from the world map later, but in the early levels, the buildings are the main sources.


Which faction to pick?

There are 3 factions or "development path" that you can pick at level 6: Trader, Raider and Farmer. Each path would focus on a different aspect of the game. It is recommended to pick the farmer path to boost your productivity early on - you can switch to the other classes later.

Rise Of Empire Ice And Fire Game Guide
Rise Of Empire Ice And Fire Game Guide: Which Faction to pick

Plan the layout for your kingdom

A building would need a road connection to work - it is best that you build or plan a road layout in advance. It is best to just separate buildings based on their type - all resource buildings go into one corner and all troops buildings go into another.


Use all your speed boosts as soon as possible

These 1-minute speed boosts are pretty much worthless in the late game so it is best to just spend them all right away.

2 - Advanced tips

Try to join an active alliance

You need to try to find an active alliance to join, or better, get a few players together to create your own alliance. This feature provides a lot of bonuses, boosts, and free goodies, letting the game progress smoother.

Keep the Factories and Tavern stocked up every time you log in

These two buildings need to be filled up constantly to function, as they consume resources overtime to produce other resources.


Send troops to gather resources

If you are going to be away from the game for a longer period, it is best to send your army out to gather resources. Cavalry has the highest carry capacity while archer has the lowest.

What to research?

Overall, just follow the recommended research route early on and prioritize production bonuses later. About the troop researches, focus on the Troop Promotion to be able to upgrade your trash units into better ones.

3 - Military Tips

Send your army to fight monsters on the map

Valuable resources can be acquired by clearing out monsters on the world map. Try to aim for the biggest one that you can fight without suffering heavy losses. Once you are at a higher level, you can even join your allies in subjugating dangerous threats like the Undead Giants.


Constantly train your troop, as many as possible

You would need a large army or two - troops can be killed pretty fasts as you progress... and having reserves to fill up the hole is very important. Level up your troop training building and get some stables up, as cavalry has the highest carrying capacity.

rise of empire ice and fire gameplay
Rise Of Empire Ice And Fire Crafting Guide: Gather resources by sending troops out then craft equipments

Once you unlock the Military University, it is best to upgrade all your existing troops and research new branches. Overall, quality is better than quantity - using a low number of higher tier units is more effective than using a high number of low tiers.

Troop composition matters - it is best that you have your infantry first, cavalry second and archers at the back. Leave archers out if you are going to gather resources with your troops.

Recruit and develop heroes

Heroes provide a lot of useful buffs to improve your kingdom. Focus on production heroes first then switch to military later. The combat heroes are tremendously useful - it is best that you build your army around them.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Gameplay
Rise Of Empire Ice And Fire Reign of Chaos Guide: Get good heroes to lead your army

Train your rarest heroes first - blue and green heroes are useless later on so don't level them up too much.

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