Rise of Empires Ince and Fire is an online real-time strategy war game developed by Long Tech Network Limited. In this game, you are the lord of a small kingdom and your job is to build up your kingdom to make it stronger. You can also build your own army to conquer kingdoms of other players to get resources and glory.

In Rise of Empires, heroes are a very important part since they have huge capabilities more than any other unit, especially when your kingdom gets bigger. So here is our Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes Guide for beginners and it will provide you everything you need to know about heroes.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes Guide

Hero type

There is a total of 2 types of Rise of Empires heroes, Development heroes and Combat heroes with 4 rarities: Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. Green heroes are the weakest and Orange heroes are the Rise of Empires best heroes.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes
There is a total of 2 types of heroes in Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire
  • Development heroes: You can put development heroes in buildings to boost resource production and productivity. Higher rarity Rise of Empires heroes will have high effectiveness.
  • Combat heroes: Combat heroes can be put in Legions (you need to unlock the training camp buildings and research first). There is a limited number of the slot for you to put heroes in. Of course, you should always use Orange heroes and upgrade them whenever possible.
 Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes Guide
Heroes are very important in the development of your country and in combats vs other countries

Many new players make the mistake to invest too much in Green, Blue, or even Purple heroes. Also, investing in development heroes in the early game is not a great choice. You are only wasting your wisdom medal to unlock and upgrade their skill.

Normally, you will have about one or 2 Orange heroes by the time you reach level 15.

Hero skill

You can see any hero's skill list in the hero menu by tapping on the scroll icon on the bottom of your screen. You can see the details of each skill by tapping on them.

  • The skills of development heroes will involve boosting productivity such as increasing gold income or training troops faster.
  • The skills of combat heroes will benefit your army in battles. Most of them are useful but some are very important and also hard to get.

Higher rarity heroes have more skill. Orange heroes have 8 skills, Purple heroes have 6 skills, Blue heroes have 4 and Green heroes have 2 or 3.

 Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes
Orange heroes are the strongest with up to 8 skills

Here are 8 skills of Orange heroes:

  1. Increase the number of troops in the heroes squad.
  2. The first Hero attack skill.
  3. Defensive skill (more resistance).
  4. Offensive skill (more might).
  5. The second Hero attack skill.
  6. Awaken (more might, resistance, HP, and more troops).
  7. Hero unique skill: HP / Resistance / Might.
  8. The third Hero attack skill.

From the list above, we can see that skill 1, skill 6, and skill 7 because of their powerful effect.

Meanwhile, skill 2, skill 5, and skill 8 are more situational based on their ranges and effects. To put it simply, if the range of your hero's skill is short, put it in the front row and if if the range of your hero's skill is long, put it in the back row.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes skills
The range of the skill will determine your hero's position

To unlock a hero's skills, you need to meet the level requirement, gold, wisdom medals, and hero medals. Here are the requirements for each hero's skill.

  1. This skill will come with the hero.
  2. Hero level 6 / 200k Gold / Wisdom Medals: 50
  3. Hero level 12 / 300k Gold /Wisdom Medal: 100 / 3 Blue medal
  4. Hero level 20 / 400k Gold / 10 Purple medal / 5 Blue Medal
  5. Hero level 25 / 600k Gold / 1 Orange medal  / 7 Blue medal
  6. Hero level 35 / 1 million Gold / 1 Orange medal of the hero  / 10 Blue medal
  7. Hero level 45 / 2 million Gold / 2 Orange medal
  8. Hero level 50 / 4 million Gold / 3 Orange medal
 Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes skill
To upgrade all the skills of a hero to the max, your hero needs to be at Level 50

Here are the full requirements of upgrading 1 Orange hero to the max:

  • Hero level 50.
  • 8.5 million Gold.
  • 25 Blue medals.
  • 10 Purple medals.
  • 6 Orange medals.
  • 1 Orange medal of the same hero.

Rise of Empire Ice and Fire tipsFor skill 6, you will need a medal of the hero you want to awaken, which is quite hard to get if it is an Orange hero. You can opt to buy the Hero Development Plan to get a hero medal of your choice.

Rise Of Empires Ice And Fire Heroes medal
You can exchange hero medals for wisdom medals

To upgrade a hero's skills, you need to spend wisdom medals, which you can get from events or exchange hero medals.

  • 1 Green hero medal: 5 wisdom medals.
  • 1 Blue hero medal: 10 wisdom medals.
  • 1 Purple hero medal: 50 wisdom medals.
  • 1 Orange hero medal: 600 wisdom medals.

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