One pretty popular title released on Steam this year is Gladiabots from developer Sebastien Dubois a.k.a. GFX47. The concept is really interesting: You’ll assemble a squad of robots and then create a set of AI orders for them before putting them in battles against other robots. Based on your team’s performance, you can gradually alter the AI routine to perfect your strategy over time and come out victorious.

Gladiabots 2 E816_wm
Assemble a team of robots, then program their AI and put them in battles against another team

It’s a pretty creative idea for a game, and you’ll get to learn and practice actual programming skills while you’re at it. There are hundreds of single-player missions for you to play through as well as a multiplayer mode for those who want to compete against real humans instead. Moreover, the simple controls make Gladiabots a perfect fit for the mobile platform, which is where the good news comes in: The developer has just announced that Gladiabots will be hitting the App Store next week on the 14th of December. Check out its trailer below:

Gladiabots started out as a playable prototype many years ago, and since then, the solo developer has constantly been polishing it. It entered Steam Early Access back in August 2018 and was fully released just this past May. The PC version managed to achieve decent success, attracting hundreds of positive reviews on Steam, and we have high hopes for this upcoming iOS version, especially considering its sizable online offerings and the ability to transfer your progress between platforms.

Gladiabots 3 060b_wm
The game is no doubt a perfect fit for mobile, and it'll also cross-platform plays as well

If Gladiabots sounds interesting to you, you can find it available for pre-registration right now on the App Store for $4.99 (Rs 360) – which is 30 percent cheaper than the regular price. Also, don’t forget to mark December 14th on your calendar!