In my childhood, I could only fulfill my dream of building my fighting robot by tweaking my little toy car with straws and sticks. That dream lives and grows up with me now, and even though I haven't got the chance and money for Gundam figures, I luckily found 'Sokbot'.

It's a robot arena game where you can add a lot of deadly accessories to your bot and compete with other players. You can see how the game looks in the video down here:

Overview of Sokbot

If you know how the notorious monster Frankenstein was made, Sokbot is basically the same. You'll start Sokbot with a small prototype robot and a limited amount of money. Your job is to build the deadliest robotic fighter ever that can eliminate every other robot in the battle arena, destroying their dreams and climb to the top of the chart.

Let's talk about the building part first. Sokbot features more than 25 types of parts to patch in your robots. They vary from not only the attacking type such as sawblade, spikes, and rockets nut also the utility type such as propellers, shields and many more.

Sokbot Robot Arena Fighter Game 3
You can customize your robot to your own will

The fitting part is very simple, as you only need to purchase the equipment you want and use your mouth to locate where to put it on your robots. You can also rotate the part with a single button, too. The steps are very simple, but its potentials are limitless, and you can make your robot as unique as possible.

The fun thing about this creating part is that the entire game is physics-based. To be more specific, the more parts you patch onto your robot, the heavier it will come. This is a two-edged blade - making your robot a very tough contestant while making it slow at the same time.

Sokbot Robot Arena Fighter Game 2
Every robot only have a limited amount of battery power

Lastly, your robot needs the power to function. Hence, besides choosing the weapons you want, you'll also have to take accounts of its battery. Getting a heavy robot running will definitely consume more energy, which might be bad in certain circumstances. Let's figure which situations you could face in the next part about battles:

Enter the arena

Like its building parts, Sokbot's arena battles are quite simple. You'll take direct control of your robot and try to beat your enemies into pieces. Using the weapons you've added to your fighter to strike other robots, and you can also make use of certain environments to crash your enemies down. Pushing them to a flame hole is not a bad idea!

Sokbot Robot Arena Fighter Game 5
Sokbot is entirely physics-based

However, size is not the only thing matters in the battles. In fact, it relies on how good your plans with your robot's features are. For example, the huge destroyer robots are unbeatable with straight encounters, but can't stand long in the arena due to limited battery power.

Hence, you can use your small but fast robot to outrun those things. Not a heroic choice, but people only care about the winner! Winning a game will grant you credits, which you can spend to buy more dangerous parts and equip them to your robot. They'll help you with long climbing onto the top of the chart ranked by ELO.

Sokbot Robot Arena Fighter Game 6
Winning a match will give you money for more luxurious parts

There are totally three modes that you can enjoy playing in Sokbot, including Solo vs AI, Online PvP and Co-op vs AI. Thus, Sokbot is suitable for every type of players, but most of the time, you will find thrillers through the Online multiplayer mode, where you can learn how creative people's robots' designs are.

Sokbot Robot Arena Fighter Game 4
Learn the designs through battles

Sokbot is now available on