Back to 2011, the Real Steel Full Movie was something different amongst a series of science-fiction sports films in the world. The movie brings watchers to a near future when matches will be made by giant robots instead of human boxers. In addition to the interesting script, the acting talent of both Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo are two big plus points of Real Steel.

the real steel full movie
The movie was released in 2011 and rapidly attracted audiences.

Let’s watch the Real Steel full movie again with to know why this movie got such a success!

The Real Steel Full Movie Plot

Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is a former boxer and also the owner of “Ambush”. After lots of ups and downs, he changes and becomes disheartened and sleazy with a spirit of failure. After losing Ambush, he gets the news saying that his ex-girlfriend died and he will take care of Max Kenton, their son. The appearance of the estranged son at the age of 11 changes Charlie’s dark world completely. Max saves an almost-human robot from a junkyard and called him Atom. It is a magic that the boy seems to have a wordless understanding with the machine.

Charlie and Max have to face countless trouble when making acquaintance with each other, from the initial reluctance to a close relationship later. They and Atom challenge global champion “Zeus” and in spite of being knocked down many times, Atom finally manages to make Zeus almost lose the game. In fact, Zeus wins by the judges’ decision, and Atom is honored as the People’s Champion. More importantly, Charlie has a real fight for his son and does what he is good at.

Soundtrack Of The Real Steel Full Movie

The Real Steel full movie in Hindi include 15 songs and here are they:

  • Fast lane - Bad Meets Evil
  • Here’s a little something for ya - Beastie Boys
  • Miss the misery - Foo Fighters
  • The enforcer - 50 cent
  • Make some noise (Put ‘em up) (feat. Yelawolf) - The Crystal Method
  • ‘Till I collapse (feat. Nate Dogg) - Eminem
  • One man army - The Prodigy, Tom Morello
  • Give it a go - Timbaland, Veronica Gardner
  • The Midas touch - Tom Morello
  • Why Try - Limp Bizkit
  • Torture - Rival Sons
  • All my days - Alexi Murdoch
  • Kenton - Danny Elfman
  • Fairground Carousel - Carrie Harry
  • You can have watergate just gimme some bucks and I’ll be straight - The J.B.’S

“Steel” - The Original Version Of The Real Steel Full Movie

The movie is based on a part of “Steel” - a short story written by science fiction legend Richard Matheson. This short story was adapted into an episode of “The Twilight Zone” starring Lee Marvin in 1963. Matheson’s brilliant career last more than a half of a century with a lot of well-known novels, such as “I Am Legend”, “Hell House”, “Somewhere In Time”, and “What Dreams May Come”. Some were adapted into movies. Matheson was nominated for the best science fiction short stories of Science Fiction Hall Of Fame in 2010.

the real steel full movie download
The boxing robot Atom.

Back to the Real Steel full movie, in addition to Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo, the cast includes Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, Kevin Durand, Hope Davis, and James Rebhorn.

What Does Director Shawn Levy Comment On The Movie?

The idea of matches between robot boxers is something that attracts director Shawn Levy for the very first moments. Whenever mentioning Shawn Levy, many must remember a series of highly-appreciated comedies with a grand turnover, for example, “Night at the Museum” and “Date Night”. When Dreamworks first introduced the project of Real Steel to Levy, he was immediately attracted because it would be produced by Steven Spielberg and Stacy Snider.

“It was him and his partner Stacey Snider. They had this script they wanted to make, a different kind of robot movie. They wanted to do something that was kind of unembarrassed about being warm-hearted…Nowadays, so many movies are either pure action or without any emotion, or there’s kind of like that Too Cool for School cynicism.”

the real steel full movie
Atom vs Zeus.

Director Levy didn’t just want to make use of the vast landscape or magical boxing robots but he also discovered the relationship in the movie. The Real Steel Full Movie Hindi is something more impressive than a usual action movie. As a piece of evidence, Levy focused much on the relationship between father and son, between Charlie Kenton and Max Kenton. And it is obvious that he had a great choice because the audiences were entirely captivated by his characters.

Boxing Consultant Sugar Ray Leonard

Many fans may not know that the producers even hired Sugar Ray Leonard as a boxing consultant for Hugh Jackman. Sugar is a successful professional boxer and won many titles in 05 different weight divisions. In 1976, he got the gold medal at the Olympic Games. His nickname is Boxer of the Decade in the 1980s.

Real Steel full movie Hindi
Charlie is "talking" to Atom.

That’s why the action in the Real Steel full movie Hindi is something too real. Hugh Jackman’s Charlie character obviously got hard and real boxing lessons from the world boxing champion.

The Upcoming Real Steel Full Movie 2

The Real Steel Full Movie ends with the praise of critics, as well as audiences’ great approval. It succeeds in earning about 300 million USD in the global market and therefore, producers have considered developing its sequel. According to director Levy, he and his colleagues have built many new ideas for the Real Steel full movie 2.

There hasn’t been any certain detail about the release date, trailer, and soundtrack of the sequel. However, Levy revealed that he would discover the story of the sparring robot Atom: Is there anything special in the robot’s structure that helps it own similar awareness and intelligence as humans? As of now, it may be too soon to give any review of the upcoming film. Hopefully, fans will soon be able to have the Real Steel 2 full movie downloaded.

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