Achieving 30% of their funding goals after just three spans of a day definitely tells something about Robot Champions. It's an arena-fighting game where you'll take control of your quirky robot to crash and smash the others with many interactive environment surroundings.

Here's the trailer from three months ago which showcased the vivid gameplay of the game. You can see it below:

The background concept

Robot Champions takes the settings of a futuristic world of 2064 where technology has been insanely developed. In this world, robot fights is now the all-favorite sport, which attracts a lot of Roboteers from the planet to join in. By building their aggressive fighters, they'll throw them into the battle in the hostile arena. The final winner will receive both glory and gears!

Standing out in the middle of this trend is the biggest show on Earth, and it's Robot Champions!

Robot Champions Arena Figter Kickstarter 1
Robot Champions is the ultimate sport!

The story of this game is quite simple, but it's enough to make the players hyphy. After all, the gameplay is always the main focus on closed arena fighting titles!

Overview of Robot Champions

I've been waiting for years a hard-hitting robot game that's like the crashing cars game in the amusement parks. However, it's not until now has Prospect Games brought out something coming up to my expectation. It's Robot Champions, an arena-packed fighter with vivid visuals and intriguing gameplay.

To be more specific, the game will throw you and other players into the arena with the interactive environment. From the trailer, you can see some hammers at the corner of the map smashing relentlessly, which requires you to time it carefully to avoid getting hit.

Robot Champions Arena Figter Kickstarter 3
There are a lot of other maps in the game for you to try

However, the traps are not the only thing that players need to care about in this arena. Robot Champions features up to six players in the same match, and your opponents will crash onto you as soon as the match starts. The entire gameplay is going to be physics-driven, which guarantees the most realistic feeling every time your robot hits and gets hit. According to the developer, this game is the first one to take an arcade focused approach to the robot combat genre.

Robot Champions Arena Figter Kickstarter 6
You and five other players will smash and bash each other in this vivid arena

Last but not least, you can customize your robots at your own will. At first, the game gives you totally 12 robots to choose from, and more robots are very likely to come if they exceeded their funding goals. Through grinding, you'll gain more gears to change your robot's look, from edgy to stupidly cute. It all depends on your choices.

Robot Champions Arena Figter Kickstarter 2
Each robot has its own playstyle, so choose the most suitable one for yourself

The upgrades don't stop from just visual customization. There will be a list of gears that will give your robot enhancements on its stats and ability, such as health, attack power or abilities duration. You can see them on the game's Kickstarter page.

Robot Champions Arena Figter Kickstarter 4
You can go either way with your upgrades

Coming for PC through Steam

At the time of writing this article, Robot Champions already sitting comfortably at $15,216, accounting for more than a third of its goals. Hence, it's safe to say that the game will come true in the near future.

Robot Champions Arena Figter Kickstarter 8
The developer will reach its funding goals very soon!

If you're still wondering how this game feels, there's actually a free demo version on Steam now.

Try it first, and if you really enjoy it, wishlist the game to get more notifications when Robot Champions comes out. Even better if you show some supports for Prospect Games with some cash!