Play as a small puppy toy who finds itself in the middle of a messy and dark machine. He doesn't have any idea about where he is or whether he is a toy or a real dog ... or even both. The only thing he knows is that he must go back home for tea time. And of course, he could only do that with your help in the game - Rusty Pup.

A dark puzzle game

The developer behind this game is also the creator of Conker’s Bad Fur Day - a cult classic on Nintendo 64. Basically, Rusty Pup is a 2D puzzle platformer which has the background of a futuristic and dark world where all things are made of machine. The main objective of the player in this game is to guide a small pup back to his home while avoiding all of those sinister traps.

Rusty Pup A Fiendishly Puzzle Game Has Come To Ios
Guide the pup home while avoiding traps

Like the publisher has written right on the description of the game on App Store, this game is not for those with a faint heart. This game is a tried-and-true platformer of sort and will test out the most of your wits and will even punish if you made the slightest slip-up.

Rusty Pup

Rusty Pup will have to navigate with your help through a dark labyrinth that is full of pitfalls and deadly hazards, so you could expect many tumbles and stuck before you really get the hang of each level.

Rusty Pup
You could expect many tumbles and stuck before you really get the hang of each level.

On every level, the game will introduce you to some new mechanics. This feature means that it never feels dull. Rusty Pup must find his master, and he must act fast or else he will be stuck and lost in the robotic abyss.

Help the cute pup Rusty right now. The game is available right today for 6.99 USD (Rs 485) on the App Store.