Action games and movies have really brought the world of fierce warfare to the screens of the audience all around the globe. The popular line-up of an “A-team” often consists of 4-5 members, including a heavy gunner, an assaulter, a martial art expert, a medic, and a sniper. It seems like that many embrace the vibe of landing kill-shots from a great distance. To satisfy your cravings, publishers have introduced various games made specifically on the sharpshooters. Today, we’ll go over the best sniper games for mobile in 2020.

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: New Sniper Shooter

Coming up first on our list, New Sniper Shooter will take you into the world of modern assassins. Hold the perfect killing blow on your target with a gigantic collection of rifles to unlock. The game offers a well-designed series of missions, each gives a different prey for you to hunt (obviously). What sets this masterpiece behind is that it doesn’t fall into the category of sniper games online mobile. However, New Sniper Shooter makes up for that with enhanced HD graphics, rich gameplay with tons of missions, and different modes for you to enjoy. 

sniper games for mobile new sniper shooter
New Sniper Shooter kicks off the list

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Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Kill Shot

Next on the list of best sniper games for Android mobile is Kill Shot. This is more than just sniping the enemy with your marksman skill. The game requires players to master a collection of over 100 weapons, including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and SAW guns to complete the missions. Speaking of missions, Kill Shot offers a whopping 800 shooter tasks in 3D graphics, with unforgettable camera perspectives of the bullet kill moments. You can also enjoy various buffs and perks that may come in handy in completing the assassinations. The game is available for both Android and iOS platforms. 

sniper games for mobile ava kill shot
Indulge in modern combat in Kill Shot

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Sniper Shooting Battle 2019

Received more than 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store alone, Sniper Shooting Battle 2019 earns itself a place on our list of the best sniper games for Android mobile. 3D graphics seems to be the common theme in the genre, as the game boasts its realistic recreation of modern warfare. What makes Sniper Shooting Battle 2019 is the easy control and incredibly low storage usage. The mobile game only takes up 30mb, but still manages to deliver weaponry just as impressive as the other contenders. 

sniper games for mobile ava sniper shooting battle
Sniper Shooting Battle boasts an incredible graphics

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Sniper Ops 3D

Download and enjoy one of the best sniper games online mobile - Sniper Ops 3D. The game puts you in the scenario of terrorism fighting, using your marksman skill to take down enemies to counterstrike their attacks. Combat the global crime in high 3D graphics, switching between sniper or assault rifles for maximum efficiency. You can either enjoy the game offline or face the terrorists in online multiplayer mode. Sniper Ops 3D constantly takes in players’ comments to update the content, adding more excitingly new features, weapons, and missions for you to complete. 

sniper games for mobile ava sniper ops 3d
Get the kill shot in Sniper Ops 3D

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Sniper Arena

Looking for sniper games online mobile? Well, it doesn’t get any better than Sniper Arena. The game enables you to compete against millions of players worldwide to become the number one sharpshooter in the thrilling real-time matches. Yes, it’s a sniper game developed specifically for multiplayer combat without any PvE distractions. You can get your hands on the world’s best rifles in enhanced 3D graphics, tense gameplays, and the pure adrenaline rush. What are you waiting for? Go get your friends, form a squad, and fight your way up the leaderboard of the best snipers in the virtual world. 

sniper games for mobile ava sniper arena
Play against other gamers in Sniper Arena

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Mountain Sniper Shooting

Next on our list of the best sniper games for Android mobile is another insanely popular contender - Mountain Sniper Sniping, boasting over 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store. As the name suggests, the game is based on mountain-themed shooting actions, designed in realistic 3D graphics and addictive gameplay. You can enjoy the scenic shots of the majestic peaks while landing the killing blow onto the enemies. Mountain Sniper Shooting offers various regions across the world, each with a unique set of missions for you to complete.

sniper games for mobile ava mountain
Take cover and shoot from the high mountains

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Sniper Fury 

Developed by the famed company Gameloft, Sniper Fury is definitely one of the sniper games online mobile that you don’t want to miss. The game is based in a fictional world, where you’ll be in charge of fighting terrorists and traitors with a collection of futuristic weapons. Sniper Fury is an easy shooting game to play, but hard to master. The basic of a sniper game remains, however, the developers also add in features such as weather changes, game modes, and strategic gameplay. You can also join other sharpshooters around the world on raid missions, or defending your base against enemy’s attacks. 

sniper games for mobile ava sniper fury
Gameloft presents Sniper Fury!

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Sniper 3D Shooter 

Marching its way to our list of the best sniper games for Android mobile is Sniper 3D Shooter. This one belongs to the “Time Attack” category, which means that you must complete the designated missions within the time limit to win. Sniper 3D Shooter gives you the true sense of a “One Man Army” as you take down the enemies one by one in multiple battlegrounds. Moreover, you must find different tactics that prove the most effective for each mission. Completing the task, you’ll get rewards that can be used to unlock upgrades for your weapon. 

sniper games for mobile ava sniper shooter
Shoot and evolve in Sniper 3D Shooter

Best Sniper Games for Mobile in 2020: Modern Sniper 3D Assassin 

Last on our list of the best sniper games for Android mobile is Modern Sniper 3D Assassin. Released in 2018 by Black Puff Games, Modern Sniper is based in city combat, where you use your marksmen skill to take down enemies to rescue hostages and stop the terrorism. Though it doesn’t offer as big of a weapon collection as other contenders in the list, the game still promises high-quality gameplay in 3D graphics. 

sniper games for mobile ava modern sniper 3D
Modern Sniper 3D is super easy to play

That’s everything on our list of the best Sniper Games for mobile in 2020 available for free that you should definitely check out. We arrange the list based on popularity and ratings by users on Google Play Store. Let us know which one is your favorite down in the comment section below. We’ll see you next time with more insightful guides, tips, and tricks on