Video games allow us to satisfy our wildest fantasies, from slaying dragons and save a magical kingdom to fending off armies of zombies. We love them for that, of course, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy a harmonious experience.

Mini Life is about as harmonious as it can get. Developed by Krafton, this is a game made to allow you to socialize. The goal is simply to have a good time in this cutesy world of unique avatars. There are reportedly more than 20 billion ways to customize your avatar. Yes, you did not read that wrong: 20 billion. That’s 3 times bigger than the total number of people living on this Earth. Moreover, the game also offers about 3 thousand fashion items for you to dress up your avatar with. So, it’s virtually impossible to meet someone with the exact same avatar as yours.

Mini Life Screenshot 1 696x363
The number of customization is virtually infinite

And, to keep up with the fantasy-fulfilling spirit of video games, you also get your own mansion and garden to decorate to your heart’s content.

But all that is just the icing on the cake. As mentioned, Mini Life is a game designed to allow you to socialize, so its main focus lies in its social features. The game is described by the developer as a “social network MMO,” so yeah, you can imagine that interacting with others is an indispensable part here.

Mini Life Screenshot 2 690x457
You'll get your own mansion and garden to decorate

You will do so through a real-time chat system and other channels, and since this is a game, all of these interactions will be… gamified. Basically, you’ll be able to upgrade your profile by interacting, with further upgrades available via certain events.

Mini Life also features a full-fledged trading system that allows you to exchange stuff with other players in the Night Market. And speaking of Night, there is a day/night cycle here as well, which, combined with an interesting AR feature that allows you to take pictures in real life but with your avatar in them, makes for a pretty unique experience.

Mini Life Screenshot 3
Interacting with others is a crucial part of the game

If you are interested in trying out Mini Life, you can find it available for download right now on both Google Play and the App Store.