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Solitaire Gold is a new online card game that you can play on your mobile online. It allows you to play thrilling solitaire games and win real money while enjoying gaming. Moreover, you get a bonus of up to Rs. 1500 to play cash games. Check out how to download and play solitaire online here.

Solitaire Gold Review

Most of us have played solitaire at some point in our lives. It's a traditional card game that most of us played during our childhood and teenage years. Solitaire Gold is the ultra-modern version of this game.

Interesting play

After downloading the game onto your smartphone, you start with a tutorial. Here you can learn how to play solitaire, which is very useful to new players. Once you have learned to play the game, tap on the “Next” button at the bottom of your phone screen. This will take you to the game lobby, where you can start playing a game of your choice. The game requires you to fill in four sections, called foundations, with cards, from ace to king.

Solitaire Gold Gameplay
The tutorial is detailed and very helpful to newbies.

Keep an eye on the timer because you have only 5 minutes to finish each game. You get a time bonus if you finish a game early. If you are out of moves, simply tap on the “Quit” button to end the game.

Multiple Game Modes
Multiple game modes

Don't worry about your opponent getting better cards because both of you will get exactly the same cards in the same arrangement. In leagues, all the players get exactly the same cards.

Once you have learned to play the game, you can play with a real player to show off your skills. There are two game modes for you to select from: Head To Head and Leagues.

Head-to-head games are comparatively easier

In the Head to Head mode, you compete with a single opponent from across the country. The rewards for different games are displayed under the category of games. Before joining a game, check whether you can easily afford the entry fee of that game.

Head To Head Mode
Head To Head mode

Head To Head is a fun game mode for sharpening your skills before playing in the Leagues mode.

Leagues are more competitive

As the name suggests, a league has more than two players competing for the prize; it can include up to five players. However, the entry fee that you need to pay to join a league is often lower than that for a head-to-head game.

Head To Head Mode 1
Keep an eye on the score and time.

Big bonuses

One impressive thing about Solitaire Gold is the huge bonuses it offers. You can find these bonuses by clicking the “Deals” button right next to the game lobby, on the bottom taskbar. You will get Rs. 500 as a referral bonus for getting a friend to join Solitaire Gold. The more friends you invite to play Solitaire Gold, the more cash bonuses you get. Solitaire Gold also gives you up to Rs. 1500 as a welcome bonus on your first deposit. Isn’t that great?

Ux And Ui
The game has a nice UX and UI.

Great UI and UX

It's very easy and fully safe to add cash to your Solitaire Gold account online. And you can easily refer the game to your friends via Whatsapp, Line, free SMS, etc.

You can check out the scoring system to learn how many points you get for each movement and action. It gives you clarity and helps you understand the game is absolutely fair.

In short, Solitaire Gold is a superb game app that you shouldn't miss out on. Check out the tutorial to learn how to play solitaire if you’re new to the game.