Stickman is probably one of the most iconic figures on the Internet. They were basically everywhere back in the 2000s, especially in those stickmen flash animations where they would brutally slaughter each other in unexpectedly detailed and satisfying action. And of course, there were tons of games in which you got to do the fighting yourself as well.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that these stickmen would eventually make their way to the world of mobile gaming. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a new fighting party game with a Stickman-style presentation. You could call it the official mobile adaptation of these popular figures. Check out the trailer below:

In term of gameplay, you’ll be controlling a stick figure to fight against up to 3 other players in a quirky and hilarious physics-based battle to the death. There are more than 100 maps for you to run, jump, and fight in, each of which comes with its own layout, weapons, and even traps. Thus, navigating through your surroundings is a crucial skill that you must master if you want to achieve victory.

Plenty of trap-filled levels with different layouts

Speaking of weapons, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile features a huge arsenal of guns for you to blast your friends with, from assault rifles to rocket launchers and even a gun that shoots out snakes. Yes, you did not read that wrong, snake guns are a thing here.  Meanwhile, if you prefer to get up close and personal, several melee weapons are there for you!

Stick Fight Weapons
Yes, there's a gun that shoots snakes in this game!

Not only that, but the game also offers a built-in level editor that allows you to create your own arenas. You can opt to use these levels to play with your friends or share it online for others to admire your work.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is currently up for grab on Google Play and the App Store!