It’s time for more Stranger Things as a new season is coming on July 4th.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things 3: The Game, by BonusXP is an adventure game based on the 3rd season of Stranger Things.

Teaser trailer on PS4

In the first trailer of Stranger Things 3, we can see the cooperative aspect of this isometric adventure, retro-style game.

It’s common for fans Stranger Things to guess where would the new season head to. The movie would premier on Netflix on July 4th as well and you can think of this game (by BonusXP) as a viewing partner.

Stranger Things
The game is definitely playable as a standalone game, but Netflix and BonusXP really want to tease their fans by connecting the two products.

By powering throughout the episodes, they’re really enhancing the viewer experience this time.

Also, it can’t be more relatable as @NXOnNetflix tweeted it’s gonna be another summer behind the doors after they got to see the first trailer of Stranger Things 3: The Game.

Stranger Things
“Hello summer my old friend, I've come to stay inside again”

New characters, new abilities

In the teaser trailer for PS4, it’s clear to have our first look on some available characters. There are more than 12 of them so far and we’ll be seeing new faces in this season.

Stranger Things
Each and every character has unique abilities to progress and contribute towards the adventure.

All in all, the game looks simple and familiar and that might just be what we want. Since it’s available on Switch, fans with the Nintendo console can play the game and watch the movie simultaneously.

Stranger Things
Also, split-screen is available in local co-op mode, though being less popular than solo mode at the moment.

Last but not least, Stranger Things 3: The Game will be available in PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Mac as well. This time, there will even be another version for mobile devices, streamlined to fit the platform, so remember to check that out.