The Birdcage is a mystery puzzle game developed by the makers of the Faraway series - Pine Studio. This game is a 3D puzzle box game in which players have to find the ways to get the birds out of cages.

This is a spectacular puzzle game including tricky and convoluted puzzles in an AR environment

The game tells a story of a young sorceress who has just finished her final exam with a good result and she becomes a graduate of the school of magic. Meanwhile, rumors of a powerful wizard called Alzar have been going around, which attract the young sorceress cause she desires to gain more powerful magic. She is determined to find Alzar and try to acquire new spells, yet there is no one knowing what will happen next in this tale.

The Birdcage 2 Official Trailer

Coming back this time, the Birdcage 2 will challenge your ability to look at puzzles from every possible angle. As The Birdcage 2 is a sequel to the original avian puzzler, it features the same 3D art style and the same types of puzzles, yet new twists, as well as unexpectant events, will happen for the sake of puzzle fans.

True to its name and wizardry theme, in The Birdcage 2, magical dark energy will lock the birdcages, and you need to find a way to unlock it within a limited amount of time. To success in helping the birds get out and finding out the young sorceress ’s fate, it is essential that you understand the mechanics of each cage.


The Birdcage 2 is now on the App Store

Like its predecessor, Birdcage 2 also has a specular AR mode which enables players to bring the magical experience into the real world. If you want to view the birdcage from a different angle, just physically move yourself and a whole new dimension will be added to the puzzle solving.

One more good news, The Birdcage 2 is now available on App Store for free. So, there is no reason to miss such an ambient but powerful soundtrack as well as breathtaking images in a magical story like The Birdcage 2, is it?